burn MP4 video to DVD
burn MP4 video to DVD

Find out how to burn MP4 videos to a DVD so they can be played on almost any computer or DVD player. Insert a blank DVD. You can use any DVD format as long as the recorder supports it. DVD ± RW and DVD ± R, although the first format is less likely to be played in DVD players that reproduce files independently.

How to burn MP4 video to DVD

Open your web browser. You will need specific software to perform the burning so that the disc can be played in DVD players. The software you will use is free.

Go to the website of the author of WinX DVDThis is free software that lets you create DVDs that playback MP4 videos on your computer. There are several programs to choose from, but WinX DVD is the only free software that works properly. Click Download Now.

Run the winx-dvd-author.exe file after downloading. You can click on it at the bottom of the browser (Google Chrome) or you can find it in the Downloads folder. Click Yes.

Follow the instructions to install WinX DVD. You can leave the default settings because no adware will be installed. Start WinX DVD. In fact, the program will run immediately after installation, but you can also find it in the Start menu.

Click on Video DVDThis is a large button located in the upper right corner of the software window. Click +You will see this button in the lower-left corner of the window. Try the MP4 file to be added and press on Open.

Add more videos if you want. The indicator at the bottom of the window will fill up when you add the files. Click on 16: 9 to get a panoramic view. Click this option if you plan to watch the DVD on a TV screen.

Click on Next. Choose the background image of your menu. You’ll see several default images to choose from. You can also click the button at the bottom of the list to select an image on your computer.

Organize the menu. To do this, use the anchor points around the sequences. Click and drag each video to place it in the menu window. Click Text to add text. It is represented by TT. You can use this option to create menu titles and captions.

Double-click on the text to edit it. This will allow you to change the format and insert a new text. Click on Music to add background music. This option is represented by a music symbol +. It allows you to add an audio or MP3 file from your computer.

Click Next when the menu is complete. Reduce the burning speed. Although there is no difficulty in burning the disc at high speed, many people claim to have achieved better results when playing the disc (burned at low speed) in a DVD player.

Click Start. The disc burn will start. Be careful not to eject the disc before the end of the process. Play the disc in a DVD player after burning. The disc should be played in most DVD players after burning.

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