Shopping online is a fairly easy process if you know the in and outs about it. We’ve written a detailed step by step guide on how to buy from ASOS in Nigeria, and also how to buy from AliExpress in Nigeria. In this guide, we will be focusing on how to buy from Amazon in Nigeria.

If you are a first timer on Amazon then you will be needing a couple of things which we will be listing below.

  • A Valid Means Of identification (Driver’s License, International Passport, etc) – Voter’s Card Are Not Accepted.
  • Full Residential/House Address.

  • Means Of Payment ( Debit/Credit Card that can be used for or has been activated for international transactions)

Once you have all the above prerequisites then we can begin.

How To Buy From Amazon in Nigeria: Shopping, Delivery and Charges

  • Get an Internet Enabled Device(Phone/PC) and Access the Amazon Website.
  • If you are a first timer then Create an account. If not, Log In to your Existing Account.

  • Once you’re logged in to your Amazon Account, Click on Settings and Select Manage Address Book. This is where you’ll put in your preferred shipping address. Any address you put in here is where the item you order will get delivered to.

  • On the Left side if the screen, under Refine By, Check Ship to Nigeria/Kenya to filter your search – doing this will cause any product that don’t ship to Nigeria not to show up when you use Amazon – search for an item.

  • Now Go back to the Amazon Home page, Use the Search Bar at the top of the search to search for a product you would like to buy. Once the product shows up, Click on it and Add it to Cart. If you would like to buy other products, search for them and also add them to Cart.

  • Once you’re done shopping, Click on Cart and Tap Proceed To Checkout.

  • Click on Ship to this address to Select your shipping address. Make sure the shipping address is correct.

  • Choose a Delivery Option. (Each delivery option has an estimated delivery Date, Price and will also affect the import fees)

  • Now Select Payment Method and Choose a Payment Method by inputting your Debit or Credit Card details. You can also use Gift Cards, Promotional Codes or Amazon Store Card if you have any. Once you’re done, Click Next.

  • You’ll be taken to the Review Order Page. In this page, you’ll be shown your order summary which includes details like:

  • Item(s) cost.

  • Shipping and handling Cost.
  • Tootal cost before tax.
  • Estimated tax to be collected.
  • Import Fees.
  • Order Total.
  • Order Total is the final amount. This is the amount that get debited from any of your payment method. Click on Place Your Order to complete the transaction.


    If you would like to buy from Amazon in Nigeria then you might want to know that some products shipping fees (for products that ship to Nigeria) might sometime be higher than the price of the item being bought. In that case, I’ll recommend you use a third-party shipping company to lower the shipping fee – you ship/forward the item to the company US address and they sent it to you here in Nigeria at a more reduced shipping fee.

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