How to Call an anonymous number in 3 steps


With Android, it is possible to easily hide your identity from a recipient with a so-called blocked number, where the recipient phone show 'unknown number'.

Anonymous calling is often used by companies, but it is also possible to hide your phone number as an individual. This is possible with almost every Android device, where it is important to adjust the so-called 'Caller ID'. Below we will show you how to do that.

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Anonymous calling: that's how it works

  1. Press the Phone app on your smartphone and open the 'Settings';
  2. Then go to 'Call settings> Additional (or Advanced) settings';
  3. Here you see the Caller ID. Adjust this to 'hide number' and the next time you call, the recipient will see 'unknown number' instead of your mobile number.

Some smartphones work in a different way. In that case, you may have to go through the following step-by-step plan.

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  1. Open 'Settings> My device> Calls';
  2. Click on 'Extra Settings' and select 'Caller ID';
  3. Adjust this to "hide number" and the next time you call, the recipient will see an unknown number.

If you only want to make a one-time anonymous call, it is more convenient to place # 31 # in front of the number. For example: # 31 # 0612345678. If you want to call anonymous again the next time, you have to enter # 31 # again for the desired number. This method also works if you want to call anonymously with an iPhone.


Pay attention: your provider still sees who you are calling. Only the recipient can not see who he is calling at that moment. If you want to use this to harass someone, the recipient can warn his provider. They just have the means to give your number to the police. So do not abuse the function.

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