How to call with a hidden number
How to call with a hidden number

When we make a call, unless we have previously made a change, the person receiving the call can see our phone number. In general, operators offer us the possibility to hide our number during a call, which can be very useful if we are worried about our privacy.

A hidden call, or call with a hidden number, is a call in which we prevent the person we are calling from seeing our phone number

This is the only difference: the call will remain the same as a normal one, except for the detail that the recipient of the call will not know what our phone number is. Most commonly, upon receipt of the call, the message ” Hidden number ” or ” Private number ” is displayed.

This trick only works with calls, since the classic SMS will always show our phone number. 

Except for this detail, we are talking about a function that can be very useful. In case we didn’t know it, it’s very easy to keep our identity hidden, something to be grateful for in difficult times for our privacy.

How to call with the hidden number

In the vast majority of cases, to call with a hidden number, all we have to do is use a shortcode

Regardless of the type of phone we have, it is good to remember that hiding your phone number is totally free for anyone. If we own an Android smartphone we have several ways to use to make anonymous calls. The simplest is to

enter code # 31 # in front of the mobile number we want to call privately.

Just type it before the number to call (for example # 31 # 3001234567) and start the conversation.

It’s so simple, we don’t have to do anything else. Remember that this code only hides the call we made at that moment, the rest of the calls we make without the code will work normally, leaving our identifier exposed.

How to always call with a hidden number

With some specific mobile models, it is possible to hide all the calls we make, with an option that should be found in Settings> Phone. The option usually has names like “Send your number” or “Hide identity”, although it depends entirely on your device.

On the other hand, some operators also offer the possibility to hide their phone numbers in each of the calls made. In that case, if we wanted to call to show our identity, we should do exactly the opposite of the previous section, composing the code only when we want to show our identity when we make a call.

To achieve this, all we have to do is contact our operator and ask them to activate the service for our phone line. Our personal data may be requested for security reasons. Usually, it is a free service.

In any case, this hidden number service is not foolproof: calls to emergency numbers, for example, our number is not hidden.

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