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TalkTalk is an English company that provides lots of vital services, including internet access, telecommunications, pay-TV, and smartphones for private and business customers. The company is located in London and it has attracted lots of customers over the years.

However, like every other service out there, customers can get tired and decide to cancel their subscription whenever they want. If that is the decision you have reached, we can help you move on completely by showing you How To Cancel TalkTalk:

1. Access The Main TalkTalk Website:

When you head to the homepage of the TalkTalk site, there are various ways to locate the info required on canceling your service. We break it down below:

  • Access the main site at
  • Know the required details about the product or service you wish to cancel.
  • Ensure your credit or debit card is handy to pay for any cancellation fee.

2. Head To TalkTalk Help Pages

TalkTalk is home to lots of pages that are filled with most of the info required on how to cancel your products or services. You just have to follow the Help link and choose the category, product or service from the options listed. The Help pages also assist you with scammers who pretend to be part of the company. If you have problems with broadband speed, or if you need to alter features or your account password, the pages can help as well.

Cancel TalkTalk
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3. Cancel TalkTalk Services

How Can I Cancel TalkTalk Mobile Service?

There are 3 major situations where you would need to cancel your TalkTalk account. They are, when you want to port the number to a phone on a different network, when you wish to cancel the mobile and keep the number or where you want to cancel the mobile and not keep the number. We break them down below:

1. Port Your TalkTalk Number To Another Network

If you wish to port your number to another network from an existing TalkTalk contract, you simply have to reach out to the customer services team.

2. Cancel TalkTalk Mobile And Keep The Number

To cancel the plan and keep the number, the Porting Authorisation Code or PAC code is required. This lets you move your number to another network within one month of canceling the account. The number will also stay active until the fresh network picks it up, then the TalkTalk account will then be closed.

3. How To Cancel TalkTalk Mobile Without Keeping The Number

If you wish to cancel and don’t intend to keep the number, reach out to the customer services line for assistance. Cancellation will happen one month after you terminate the agreement and there will be charges since you might be canceling before the expiry date.

Cancel TalkTalk
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4. How Can I Contact TalkTalk Customer Service Contact Number Helpline?

If you wish to cancel a number or services with TalkTalk like mobile contracts, TV, or broadband, call 0345 172 0088 and they will process the cancellation on your behalf.

That is that.

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