Cancel Google Fi Wireless Service Plan For Your Mobile Phone
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Google Fi, previously Project Fi, is an MVNO telecom service by Google that offers telephone calls, texts, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. The service makes use of networks operated by top networks and it serves just Americans.

It was announced strictly for the Nexus 6 phone 5 years ago, and it only needed users to get invitations, but the invitation system was ditched one year later. In the same 2016, Google included support for the Pixel and Pixel XL devices and even launched a Group Plan, which allowed subscribers to add more members to their plans.

There are several reasons to appreciate Google Fi. Members actually get dependable cell coverage in nearly every square mile of the USA. This is because it provides data service from U.S. Cellular, Sprint, and T-Mobile, instantly switching to any carrier with the most effective signal in real-time.

It also grants you access to unrestricted calling and SMSes, and, depending on your plan, users will be able to enjoy free or super low-cost international calling. The Flexible plan begins at $20 monthly for one user but it will cost as much as $80 per month.

If you want an Unlimited plan, be ready to part with $70 a month for one user. It is best to weigh the rates with a top carrier such as Sprint, where a more basic plan will cost $45 monthly, or a low cost (and low data) plan from Ting, which is available for as low as $15 every month.

Canceling your service is not complicated too, whether you are doing it on the web or via the mobile application. If you are done with Google Fi, see How To Cancel Your Google Fi Wireless Service Plan For Your Mobile Phone:

How Can I Cancel Google Fi For My Mobile Phone?

  • Access the Google Fi website or application and get yourself logged into your account.
  • Tap “Account.”
  • Choose “Manage plan.”
Cancel Google Fi Wireless Service Plan Mobile Phone
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  • If you are on a group plan, select “Leave plan.” Else, tap “Cancel service.”
  • Adhere to the instructions to decide if you will transfer your number to a different carrier, transfer it to Google Voice, or scrap it altogether.

That is that.

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