Change and Upgrade Dream League Soccer (DLS) Stadium

I know you’ve been enjoying all various versions of dream league soccer game whether it is dream league soccer 2017 (DLS 2017), dream league soccer 2018 (DLS 2018) or maybe dream league soccer 2019 (DLS 2019), no matter which year of the Dream League Soccer Android game, you’d always find the game interesting to play.

If you’ve been searching for a way on how to upgrade or change the stadium to your desired choice, then this post is for you as I’d be showing you how to upgrade/change the stadium of a dream league soccer game versions.

Steps To Upgrade Dream League Soccer Stadium

  • First of all, Download ZArchiever app to extract your downloaded dream league soccer stadiums.
  • Download the dream league soccer stadium files which are given below.

Download link of Dream League Soccer Stadium

FCB Stadium download link

FCB Stadium

Real Madrid Stadium download link

Real Madrid Stadium

UCL stadium download link

UCL stadium

PSG Stadium download link

PSG Stadium

Manchester City Stadium download link

Manchester City Stadium

Manchester United Stadium download link

Manchester United Stadium

Mexico Stadium download link

Mexico Stadium

Monumental Stadium download link

Monumental Stadium

La Bembenia/Boca Juniors Stadium download link

La Bembenia/Boca Juniors Stadium

Brazil Stadium download link

Brazil Stadium

Chile Stadium download link

Chile Stadium

B.Dortmund Stadium download link

B.Dortmund Stadium

Juventus Stadium download link

Juventus Stadium

A.Madrid Stadium download link

A.Madrid Stadium

B.Munich Stadium download link

B.Munich Stadium

Manchester United Stadium download links

Manchester United Stadium

Note: In the process of downloading the file name is “env.pak” but in case it is not the same name, don’t hesitate to rename it to “env.pak”.

[DLS 20] Dream League Soccer 2020 Apk Download for Android

How To Change Dream League Soccer (DLS) Stadiums

  • Open your downloaded app and installed ZArchiever app
  • While in the Zarchiever app, go to Storage/Android/obb/com.firsttouchgames.dl3, You will find a file ‘’ in the folder.
  • Rename this file to ""
    • Open your Data folder
  •  Search for a file named ‘env.pak‘.
  •  Replace the file with your downloaded “env.pak
  • After that, rename the zip file to ""
  • Open your Dream League soccer game and check the stadium to see the new changes.
  1. Akassa Minister says

    They should update Zarchiever to the latest one na

  2. Akassa Minister says

    Brother, my 2019 has upgrade to main.104.dreamleaguesoccer.dls3.obb
    Help me, what should I do

  3. Alews says


  4. Razu says

    Bro I Have A problem My Obb updated 2019 “” “”
    and Not change Stadium Plz give me update

    1. Akassa Minister says

      Exactly bro, if I change my obb to zip they will show me corrupt

      1. Dennis says

        Same here bro, they keep telling that it’s corrupt

  5. Krishna Kumar says

    can you add India (Country) stadium env.pak

  6. frankmwenda says

    Says the archive is corrupt. I have tried a couple of the files.

  7. Cabdullahi says

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    Iam the highest
    Student in school
    Hi my frie
    Gearting you

  8. Imam says

    Maaf bos tolong link buat stadium Juventus donk,soalnya yg di atas bukan stadium Juventus tapi stadium Bayern munuch

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