How to change Bixby button with Google Assistant on Galaxy Note 10

If you have a Galaxy Note 10 and want to change the Bixby button to activate the Google Assistant, this application interests you. We will tell you how to use it. Power Button Remapper is an application that allows us to modify access to Bixby, the volume buttons and even customize the SPen button, an essential application for users of Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+.

One of the biggest commitments in using a Samsung mobile is the difficulty of using Google Assistant. This is due to the company’s efforts to highlight Bixby, its virtual assistant. Fortunately, there are applications that are able to skip this limitation to give us more options.

Remove Bixby and insert Google Assistant on the Galaxy Note 10 with this application

For those of us who use Google Assistant a lot, having a Samsung mobile can be an important task. If calling on mobile phones like Pixel is as easy as pressing the edges, many others offer us a physical button to call Assistant or the ability to use the power button.

With Samsung, it is not so easy as the South Korean company is committed to using Bixby, an assistant who is gradually improving, but is still behind a few steps (and does not seem to be advancing at a faster pace).

From the Galaxy S8, the Samsung phones have a dedicated button for Bixby, a button that in the Galaxy Note 10 has also become the same button to turn on and off the screen. This button has several functions, including the opening of applications.

With PowerButton Remapper we can claim that freedom to use our favorite voice assistant. The application requires some permissions and, once active, we can use the Google Assistant by double-tapping the start button.

This function is free, but if we want to make the most of the application we can get more features for 2.99 euros with the Pro version.

With side Actions, you can easily remap the side buttons like the Power, S Pen or Volume buttons on your Galaxy Note 10 with any action or app you like! Use the power button to mute your phone, turn on your flashlight, start Google Assistant or take a screenshot with a single click!

When remeasuring the S Pen, you can turn on the torch remotely or use the button to navigate on the phone! The possibilities are unlimited!

Optionally you can remap volume buttons on Skip tracks when you listen to music or whatever you like!

Finally, for the more advanced users, this application allows us, via ADB, to unlock the use of the SPen button and prevent the Bixby animations from doing what they want. Without a doubt, an essential application for the most demanding users.

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