Change BVN Date Of Birth Phone Number
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The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is an 11 digit number that was launched in Nigeria in order to eradicate all kinds of financial fraud and theft and it simply works as your universal identity (ID) in all the banks and financial institutions within Nigeria.

However, most people have one issue or the other about their BVN details, including the wrong date of birth or names, and this issue really affects customers. This is why customers are advised to always ensure all kinds of mistakes are not made when they fill out forms for a new bank account or other forms that need your BVN number (If you already have BVN).

If the deed has already been done, however, not to worry, because it will be corrected. You simply have to check your BVN date of birth and details, which is possible by heading to the bank you enrolled with or any of the Bank branches you have an account with.

Change BVN Date Of Birth Phone Number
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Before anything else, you have to copy your BVN number by dialing this code 5650# with the phone number you registered with. Copy the code and visit any of the bank branches to confirm your BVN Date of birth, phone number, and other details. If you have an account with GTBank, simply dial 7376*1# to check your BVN number. See How To Check/Change BVN Date Of Birth, Phone Number & Details:

How Can I Correct/Change and Update My BVN Details?

If you wish to update your BVN or make some alterations or change a name, date of birth, and phone number, the documents below would be needed:

  • To alter the date of birth – Birth certificate.
  • To change names and other details due to marriage – Marriage certificate as evidence.
  • For changing names, phone number – An international passport, national identity card, or voters card is required and they have to show the correct name.

As soon as you have all the requirements above, take them to any of your bank branches and you will be attended to.

Change BVN Date Of Birth Phone Number
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How Can I Change BVN Number Online?

Changing the BVN number online is not possible right now. At this time, there is no site that allows you to change your BVN number online. To make the changes, you need to head to your bank with your ID and other required forms of identification.

How Can I Link BVN With My Account?

It is very simple to connect your BVN with your Bank and it can be done via SMS, Bank portal, USSD code, and Bank BVN portal. For instance, to link your BVN to your GTB account, adhere to these instructions:

  • Get yourself logged into GTB Internet Banking.
  • Choose BVN Linker from the left-hand panel.
  • Tap “New Request.”
  • From the drop-down menu, enter your Bank Verification Number.
  • Choose the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was issued.
  • Answer your “Secret Question” and continue.

That is that.

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