How to change nickname on Instagram

Changing nicknames on Instagram can be a necessity. For many people the change can be motivated by the fact that, at the time of enrollment, they had not paid special attention to this particular: in fact, this type of social network was not considered very much until a few years ago, while nowadays it is got to fight on a par (coming out often a winner) compared to Facebook.

Also, the name you originally chose for your Instagram account could have made perfect sense at the moment, but nowadays this platform has become too important to leave any detail to chance.

Change nickname on Instagram? Nothing could be easier!

Changing the Instagram username will affect your account? The only thing that changes with this type of operation is your nickname. Your followers remain the same, only now you will appear in their feed with your new name: it is then up to you to evaluate how this may or may not affect your image or the image of your business. In fact, many users become attached to a name and may slightly struggle to recognize you.

If you want people to recognize you despite the name change, keeping the same profile picture is a good idea, or you can mention the previous username in your Bio to dispel any doubts of your followers.

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How to change your username

Open the app, on iOS or Android, and touch the icon in the lower right corner that looks like a person’s bust.

This takes you to your account page, which shows all your posts and details of your followers. At the top of the page there is a Edit Profile button. Once selected, you will see all the details of your profile.

To change your username, touch where you see it displayed and you will be allowed to act with the keyboard to be able to type a new one. When you’re satisfied with the updated name, tap Done (on iOS) or the checkmark icon in the upper right corner (if you’re using Android). So you’ll finally have a new nickname!

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