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logo gmail color 112in128dp

Google mail (otherwise known as Gmail) took everyone by surprise when it launched. Easy to open an account, account flexibility, running all of Google’s services using just one Gmail account and many more amazing features makes the mailing platform stand out from competition.

Now joining the list of features is the ability to change your Gmail password and ither security details through the Gmail app. Yes, you need not visit the desktop version to get your password changed or profile photo update like before. The new and recently released Gmail version now allows you do that inside the mobile app. See how you can change your password in the new Gmail app in the tutorial below.

1. First off, visit the Google Play Store and click on the menu at the top left corner

2. Click on the “My apps and games” option and it will display a list of all installed application on your phone

3. Find “Gmail” and click on it. Afterwards, on the app details page, click on update

4. After success update of your Gmail app. Launch it and navigate to “Settings” at the bottom of the app menu

5. In the Settings menu, click on your mail address as it appears

6. Click on “My Account”

7. A landing page where you can change your password, update your photo and other privacy settings appears.

  1. If you previously haven’t installed the Gmail app on your smart phone, just head over to Google Play Store and install the application.

This move by Google is a really good one as it would save time and stress of having to log-on to your account on Desktop before you can modify some critical security issues on your account.

Also, I think it makes sense because it allows users control their account all on one device.

What’s your take on the new Gmail app?


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