How to Change & Switch Islands on Jurassic World Evolution

Switching between all of the islands is a requirement which you need to do to progress through Jurassic World Evolution. You have to build research centers and fossil buildings on each island in order to progress in the game altogether.

Having different types of the research building, for instance, lets you research higher technologies and upgrades such as guest buildings. You can only switch to another island after you have unlocked it.

When you start off on the first island, you have to get it to a star rating of at least 3 to be able to proceed to the next island. If you can get the island to star rating 4, Isla Nublar will be unlocked which is the Sandbox mode.

Below, we will show you how to switch between islands in Jurassic World Evolution.

How to Switch Between Islands in Jurassic World Evolution

Just as I said earlier, you will need to unlock another island first, so make sure you have done that! Next, go to the control room. You can access is by clicking on the top button on the left-hand menu. Here you have some control over your game. In this room, you have some control over the game and also the park.

Open the Control Room.

Choose the “Island Navigation” button. This is the second button along the top of the screen. It looks a lot like the logo of the Jurassic World. From here, you can select another island.

Select an island you want to travel to.

Here, you will be shown the island you are currently on. You will also see other islands you can travel to. It will also show you any contracts you have in progress as well as your reputation on that island and any available missions.

You can also check the requirements of other islands by selecting them. To unlock other islands, you need to reach a certain star rating on another island.

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