How to change your ID on PSN? We will explain everything to you!


The update that allows you to change your PlayStation Network ID is now available. So, thanks to the arduous effort of Sony engineers, it is now possible to change what we long thought was definitive.

Given that the change is already available, we just have to know how to do it ... And honestly it's a fairly simple process, but even if you do not know how to change the ID, we'll explain everything below.

How do I change the PSN ID?

There are two ways to change your PSN ID. Each of the users can simply change through their PS4. But if you prefer otherwise, you can also do it through the Internet, updating the ID that later will eventually be synchronized with your console.

How to change the PSN ID through PS4?

  • 1º - Access the PS4 settings.
  • 2nd - select the options in the following order: account management, account information, profile, and online ID.
  • 3. Enter the online ID you want to replace the old one.
  • 4th - Follow the instructions that appear on your PS4 as you go.

How to change the PSN ID  over the Internet?

  • 1st - Go to your PlayStation Network account, and in the menu select the PSN Profile option.
  • 2nd - Next to your online ID, choose the edit option.
  • 3. Enter the online ID you want to replace the old one.
  • 4th - Follow the instructions that appear as you go along.


It's important to note that all users who want to change their ID will only be able to do so on their PS4. This update is not comprehensive to PS3 systems and PS Vita portable console.

Changing PSN ID will it ever cost?

The answer is yes! However, the first ID change will be free.

Therefore, if players want to change their ID more often, they will have to pay around € 10 for each change. To make life easier for those who will change the ID, Sony gives the option that the old ID continues to appear next to the new ID for a period of approximately 30 days.

This change may bring some problems...

Note any problems that may occur after the ID change.

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