There can be reasons for you to want to change your surname. The clearest reason would be a lady getting married. Another reason might just be a personal decision to start answering a different last name. There are also people who no longer have, or never had a surname and just fancy using a mononym.

It does not matter what your reason is, you will need to know how to update it for your social media profiles. For this tutorial, we will break down how you can change your surname on Facebook.

How Can I Change My Surname On Facebook?

Changing any of your names on Facebook is straightforward. It can be done from your PC or smartphone and it is not time consuming in any way. Before altering your surname, you should familiarize yourself with Facebook’s name standards to make sure everything runs seamlessly. So as not to need a different changing of last name in future or to prevent you from getting a ban for not sticking to the regulations.

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To change your name on Facebook via a PC:

  1. Get into your favorite browser and go to facebook.com/.
  2. Get yourself logged in with your username/email and password.
  3. From the main page, tap the downward arrow at the top right of your display.
  4. With the drop-down revealed, tap Settings.
  5. In “General,” tap Name.
  6. Type in the name of your choice in the box.
  7. As soon as the name is typed, tap Review Change.
  8. Enter your account password into the right box and tap Save Changes. If the name is not approved due to Facebook’s name standards, it will display an error. The name you use must be your real name. If you feel that Facebook is not doing the right thing by preventing you from using the name of your choice, get this form filled out to inform them. A change of name will only happen once in 2 months, so be very certain that you are happy with the change before going ahead.

To change your name on Facebook via a smartphone:

  1. Get into your favorite browser on your smartphone and go to facebook.com/.
  2. Get yourself logged in with the right credentials for your account.
  3. Click Menu.
  4. Swipe down and click Settings.
  5. Then click on “Personal Information.”
  6. Click Name and type in a new name.
  7. As soon as you have typed in the name, click Review Change.
  8.  Enter your account password and wrap up by clicking Save Changes.

Maiden Name

Particularly for whoever tied the knot recently, changing your surname on Facebook might confuse some of your friends. This is more of a possibility especially if its a friend you have not seen for a long time who attempts to reach out to you on Facebook. They will most likely search for you via your maiden name instead of the new one you adopted after your wedding.

Do not get yourself worked up though. You can still use your new surname n Facebook as you allow others to look for you via your maiden name. The steps are like the ones broken down above, the one main difference happens before you select Review Change.

After you have altered your surname to the present one:

  1. Just below the warning that every name change will mean it cannot be changed again until after 2 months, “Other names” will be visible and then “Add or change other names.” Tap the link.
  2. From “Details About You” on the left side of your screen, locate “Other Names.”
  3. Tap “Name Type” and choose Maiden Name.
  4. There are 3 choices to select from if they more closely match the reason behind your name change.
  5. Enter your complete maiden name (first and last) into “Name”
  6. Tap “Save Changes.”
  7. You are allowed to display the maiden name at the top of your account beside your freshly changed name. Just tick the box for “Show at top of profile.”

Not everybody who check you out by your birth name will locate you even if you are making use of your married name.

Single Word Names (Mononyms)

Do you see yourself as a supersatar? If you own an account, you can ask for a mononym by filling out this very form. For the people that don’t own an account yet and will like to sign up for one using a mononym, you will need to fill out this form.

Do not be too shocked to see that need a first and last name is needed on both forms. You only have to ensure the exact name you intend to use in the two spots. Therefore, if you wish to be known, you need to enter into “New first name” plus a “New Last Name” when you submit your request.

As soon as Facebook gets the request, they will collaborate with you to have your mononym placed onto your account.

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Troubles With Your Name Change

To ensure you are not a victim of impersonation, scams, and phishing, Facebook has a policy that states your real name has to be used on your account. This is their way of making sure the community is safe from whoever will harm you and others via the use of the social networking platform.

The main reason you can have troubles when trying a name change would be:

  1. Your name goes against Facebook’s name policy. This is vital since you will be instantly denied if any part of the policy is not met.
  2. Changing your name too much can cause troubles as well. Facebook only lets you change your name once in 2 months. Ensure the name you select is the one you desire before tapping “Save Changes” to avoid any problem.
  3. You might’ve been sent a confirmation email asking you to confirm the name you typed is your choice. Check your inbox for messages from Facebook.
  4. For confirmation that the account you are trying to access is yours, the name must tally with the one on your photo ID. This safeguards your information and account. The name you gave must match the name that is visible on the item you show to them. To be aware of the forms of ID that do not get rejected, you can explore the Facebook’s ID list.

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