Change TikTok App Region
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There are lots of advantages to altering your region or nation on an app you are using. In fact, for streaming platforms such as Netflix, changing your region actually exposes you to lots of films and TV series you never had access to.

If you are a video gamer, the advantage of accessing servers in a different continent and mingling with new gamers you never rolled with is also something that will entice you. However, if you need to change your location on TikTok, there are important steps you must take. See How To Change Your TikTok App’s Region:

Change TikTok App Region
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How Can I Change My TikTok App’s Region?

Like several other streaming video platforms you know of, TikTok provides your video reach according to the region you are uploading your clips from. Therefore, imagine you really adore a certain type of traditional dance, but you are posting your clips from a particular location, even if you will still enjoy your content to an extent, you might not be exploiting your viewership potential the way you should. You will also not get as many clips in your feed that flaunt the traditional dance in your region.

However, if you need to extend your reach and target, then you would most likely need to change your location. If you are looking to change your region after rumors that TikTok might be banned in America, there are workarounds that can be used with the application. We break down the process below:

How Can I Change Or Add Another TikTok Language?

TikTok will not send you clips that are outside the language(s) you choose in the application. However, there is a simple way to fix that. Just:

  • Launch the application and click “Me.”
  • Tap the 3 small dot menu icon.
  • Click “Content Preferences” under “Account.”
  • Add the language of the region you wish to see clips from.

You do not have to select only one language in the application and you will begin to receive clips from streamers in various parts of the world. In fact, people from all across the globe will begin to view your clips and you will have more audience from outside your home nation.

Change TikTok App Region
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How Can I Start Following International Accounts On TikTok?

A different way to end the region’s limitation is by finding accounts from areas that are far from you and following them immediately. This will alert TikTok’s algorithm that you fancy these particular uploaders and you will have access to identical accounts for your enjoyment. Also, your account will be visible on other people’s feeds.

That is that.

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