You’re set to dash out, but your mobile device is in need of extra charging before that can be done. How do you go about that? Thankfully, your phone can be charged quicker only if you differentiate the truth from myth.

Going back to our school days, we were taught in Physics that electricity is measured in watts, which came from the voltage (in the number of volts) and current (in the number of amps).

Some chargers deliver more voltage or amperage than others; this tells you they can charge your mobile device quicker. If your phone supports it, it will extract only as much power that it knows it can handle.

Here are processes to follow on How To Charge Your SmartPhone Faster:

1. Do Not Charge Via PC

Your PC may be nearby, but if you want your phone to charge as soon as possible, use a wall outlet. The USB ports on your computer are decent enough to charge your phone but may have a limited rating for just 0.5 amps, in comparison with the one-amp your phone comes with. So go in search of that charging brick and plug your mobile device into a wall outlet instead.

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2. Make Use Of A High-Amperage Charger

Not all chargers are the same. For instance, iPhones come with Apple’s small five-volt/one-amp power bricks, while iPads come with broader five-volt/2.4-amp bricks (although some more ancient ones are five-volt/2.1-amp). If you use that charger for your iPad on your iPhone, it can boost its charging as long as its a modern one. Some old iPhones might find it difficult to use more than one amp, while others like the iPhone 6 will extract around 1.6 amps from that same iPad charger. Your phone will collect the kind of current it is sure it can handle, so you don’t have to bother your head about rendering your phone faulty provided you are using an original charger from a brand you trust. This also tells us that the amount of time you save on charging is dependent on your phone, the size of your battery and how much power it can pull.

3. Make Use Of A Rapid Charger That Is Compatible

Here, things can get complicated. You are able to charge faster when you use a unique “rapid charger” that boosts the amperage and the voltage, as long as your phone supports it. There are a few rapid-chargers out there, although, they might not work on every phone. Several phones make use of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard, and this means chargers are interchangeable.

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4. Do Not Engage In Wireless Charging

It is suitable but still not as effective as the most recent wired chargers. Even the wireless chargers that charge in a fast manner, that one that charge faster than standard wireless chargers, will still take a long time to charge your phone than a high-amperage charger like the one that comes with an iPad. For chilling in your home or your place of work during the day, wireless chargers can be great, but if you need power asap, forget the pad and plug your phone in.

5. Do Not Bother About Switching Your Device Off Or To Airplane Mode

There is a saying that your phone charges quicker when its switched off. That should make sense since your phone using less battery must naturally charge quicker, right? But that is not necessarily the case, the difference it will make is not much and so, not worth your effort. Even if your phone is charged faster, the time this method will save you will not be as many as the ones already stated above, plus not so many people like their phones off just so they don’t miss important calls or text messages.


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