Want to check Airtel Data Balance on your phone? Stay with me as I show you how to do just that.

These days, Browsing requires a little bit of caution so as not to use up your internet bundle quickly. Well, unless you’re on an unlimited internet plan then this doesn’t apply to you. However, I Don’t think Airtel has any real unlimited plan, even if they do they then there would be a fair usage policy in place and you will need to check periodically to make sure you don’t reach it for obvious reasons.

Knowing how to Check Airtel Data Balance helps you better Manage your internet bundle; You know when to ease up on the data usage if you still have a lot more days ahead or Quickly use the data if you still have a lot of data left which is about to expire soon. You might also check your Data bundle to know if it is time to roll over with another Data bundle before the current one expires.

Different people check Airtel Data Balance for different reasons. Whichever reason you might have for wanting to check your Airtel Data Balance, we’ve got you covered with a wah to keep up with your airtel data balance.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

Check Airtel Data Balance

There are a couple of ways to check Airtel Data Balance and we will be listing all of them down below. To check your Airtel Data Balance, Simply Dial any of the following;

  • *141 *11 *0#
  • *123 *10#
  • *141 *712 *0#
  • *140#

All the above USSD codes are used for checking the available or remaining data balance you have in your Mobile data. Mobile Data for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Etc except for Blackberry Subscriptions.

To Check BIS(Blackberry Internet Subscription) Data Balance, Text Status to 440 or dial *123 *9#

You can also call 141 to speak to one of Airtel’s customer care representative and ask for your data balance. It shouldn’t take long for you to reach one of their customer representatives, you can also reach then on 111 or 140.


That is how to check Airtel Data Balance Either on your Android Device, iPhone, Windows Phone or any other phone. Still unable to check your Airtel Data Balance? Drop a comment down below and we’ll help you get it sorted out.

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