If you would like know and be able to check how much time you spend on Facebook then you are in luck. Facebook is rolling out an update to the Facebook app for both Android and iOS to help you monitor and track your Facebook usage. This features will show you how much time you spend using the app on a daily basis.

The stats will then be summed up and divided to get an average amount of time you spent on Facebook per day over the past week with an option to set a daily limit reminder. If you set a daily limit reminder, Facebook notifies you once you’ve used the Facebook app for the amount of time set by you, asking you to either close the Facebook app or continue using the app.

I personally think that this is a good idea as a lot of people are addicted to Facebook and don’t even know it. With this app, people who are somewhat addicted can set a time limit and stick to it – when you’ve used Facebook for an hour or two in a day, you get a notification to quit the app and that’s it for the day, till the next. You can even stop push notifications so as not to relapse, kind of.

When you stop push notifications, Facebook doesn’t notify you when you receive a notification. Although you can set it to notify you of only messages. Just Incase you’re chatting with family or someone important. Now that we know what the feature is all about, Let’s go ahead and teach you how to make use of this new feature on the Facebook App.

How To Check How Much Time You Spend On Facebook

The feature is still rolling out to users so you might not have not gotten the update yet but when you do, you’ll have to make sure your Facebook app is up-to-date before following the instructions below. If it isn’t, then head to Google play store or apple app store for Android and iOS respectively and update the app.

  • Open the Facebook App and Go to Settings.
  • Select Your Time On Facebook.

  • You’ll be greeted Bar graph showing you your time on the app for each particular day. You can tap on each bar inside the bar graph to see the time spent on the app for that particular day.

  • Underneath the bar graph is where you can set your daily reminder – Tap on it, Choose a time, let’s say 2 hours and when you use the app for 2 hours, you get notified to quit the app.

Note: Your Time on Facebook shows only the time you spend on the Facebook app on that particular device. It does not account for the time you used Facebook through a browser on the same device or the Facebook app on another device. The time depicted is strictly for the Facebook app on that device.

Maybe in a future update, the ability to collect time data across the Facebook app on different devices or browsers may be included. Fingers crossed. What do you think of this feature on the Facebook App? Will you be using it to check how much time you spend on Facebook? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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