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Laptop 2

There are numerous reasons why a person would want to Check PC Full Specifications. The person might be a gamer and would want to check if their PC specifications can run some new titles they would like play. Or maybe upgrade certain part of the PC in order to be a able to play their game of choice.

It might also be because the PC is now running slow and you would like to just upgrade the RAM. In order to do that, one would first have to check if the PC can accommodate an upgrade. How do we know if it can ? By check the Full Specifications to know if it is running on the 32-bit operating system. Which can only take a maximum of 4GB of RAM. Or if it is a 64-bit that can take accommodate more than 4GB of RAM.

Check PC full Specifications

The list as to why one might need to Check PC Full Specifications are endless. So If you have knowingly or unknowingly thrown away the box in which your laptop came in. You might be thinking you would never see the full Specifications of your PC. Which was written on the manual that was inside the box you threw away. Well, you thought wrong.

You can still check the Full Specifications of your PC in no time as long as you still have the PC. And the best part ? You do not have to download any third party app or software for this.

Although, There are also apps or softwares you can download to analyze and display the full Specifications of your PC. But who downloads an app when you can also check it without the app ? Thankfully, you can check the Full Specs on Both the Windows OS and MAC OS.

However, the process for the older version of windows is somehow harder than the newer version. We will be taking care of all of it in this article.

How To Check PC Full Specifications

For Windows 10

⚫ Make sure your PC is Turned ON.

Right-Click On The Start Button. (Windows Icon at the bottom left corner of the screen)

⚫ Click On Device Manager or System Depending on which specs you want to see.

Device Manager: This shows you the processor type and speed, graphics card and some other information.

System: This shows you the operating system, RAM etc.

For Windows 8

⚫ Take your mouse arrow to the Top Right Corner of the screen.

⚫ Choose Settings from the drop down Menu and select PC Info.

⚫ Click on System and Security.

⚫ Select System.

⚫ You should be able to see your Full PC Specifications.

For Windows 7 or XP

Right-Click on My Computer.

⚫ Select Properties or System Properties.

⚫ In Windows XP, Locate and Click On the Properties Window.


Apple has done all the heavy lifting for you so all you have to do is just Click The Apple Icon Located in the top bar and Select “About This MAC” and you should be able to see the Full Specifications of your PC.


If you would prefer using an app to check PC Full Specifications then i would recommend the Speccy App which is just 6MB in size. All you need to do is just download the app, install and run it. It will show you the full specs of your PC.

Now that you know how to check PC Full Specifications, let us know down in the comment section what you found while checking your PC Specs.

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