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cyber security 1915626 1280

The internet today is filled with inappropriate contents that are harmful to anyone, much less children. Online bullying, predatory adults, and pornography are some contents available on the internet that can negatively affect children. Though we can not put restrictions on what is posted on the internet, but we can control what children can access over the internet.

Setting up parental control and content filtering and content filtering on our children’s computers, tablet, smartphones, and other devices helps protect your children from harmful content on the internet

Web Filtering

Web filtering is the most effective precaution you can take to protect your children while they browse the internet. OpenDNS is a very effective tool you can use to set up web filtering on your router. It filters internet access across all computers, phones and other devices connected to your router.

OpenDNS comes with three parental control options:

  • FamilySheild
  • Home
  • Home VIP

To get started with OpenDNS, go to the company’s website and choose the service that suits your needs. The website provides step-by-step instructions for enabling the services on different routers.

To set up content filtering for when your child is connected to other Wi-Fi networks or mobile network, you will need to install a web browser that offers web filtering. K9 web protection is one of such web browsers and it is available on Google play store.

Windows excellent family features

Windows operating systems – starting from Vista, comes with the parental control feature that allows you to control and monitor computer usage based on which account is signed into the computer. With the control feature, you can limit how long a specific account can use the computer, which programs and games (based on content rating) they can access, and you can also introduce web filtering. You have access to the activity report of all the accounts and can centrally manage the settings for the protected accounts

Also, don’t forget the social network. Although social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have strict rules guiding posts and content, it is still far from safe for kids. Consider reviewing their privacy policy and security settings. You can also use services such as Avira Social Network Protection to help monitor your child’s online activity and report on any dangerous or inappropriate activity.

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