How to choose the best Electric Bicycle

    The electric bike has become an increasingly popular means of transport, its success should not be surprising, it is a very practical and economical means of getting around the city and with almost no effort.

    In this article we will see what are the parameters and aspects to consider in order to buy the best electric bike

    for your needs, we will also see the most interesting electric bike models to buy.

    What is an electric bike?

    Defining an e-bike is really simple, it is a pedal-assisted bicycle, which is a common bicycle but with the addition of an electric motor that assists us during the pedal stroke, avoiding us to make efforts.

    The engine is powered by a battery, often there is also an on-board computer that acts as a speedometer indicating the cruising speed and the battery charge level.

    These bicycles are designed to reach a maximum speed of 25 Km / h which, as we will see later, is the maximum speed established by law to fall into the category of electric bicycles with pedal assistance.

    What distinguishes one model of an electric bike from the other?

    It is really difficult to say in general which is the best electric bike since the models differ a lot from each other and meet very different needs.

    Here are some important things to consider before buying an electric bike:

    • The frame is a fundamental part of every bicycle. There are different shapes and materials: those who go around the city could opt, according to their needs, for a city bike or a bike with reduced dimensions and folding; those who have to go on mountain trails should think of a mountain bike model with large wheels and a more robust frame.
    • The battery impacts a lot both on the weight of the bicycle and on its battery life, so it is good to calculate what your needs are and take a model with commensurate battery life. Battery capacity is measured in Ampere-hours (Ah) just like that of smartphones and tablets. Clearly the greater the number of Ah and the greater the battery life and weight.
      Most of the models have a battery of about 6-8 Ah to guarantee battery life close to 40 km and fairly reasonable charging times (3-4 hours).
    • Assisted pedaling is a fundamental part, there are two types, one that completely removes the effort associated with the movement of the pedals and the other that simulates a real pedaling thanks to the presence of a special sensor.
    • The motor is another fundamental component, the old models all had brushed motors that went on alternating current, the new brushless ones go on direct current. New solutions are preferable for greater efficiency and lower weight, size, and need for maintenance.
    • After-sales assistance: it is important to rely on well-known brands that are able to offer spare parts and often repairs in affiliated workshops along with the national territory, avoiding a shipment that can be complex. Amazon support is convenient, as long as you keep the original packaging, it makes you live fairly quiet for two years. The critical element of an e-bike is the battery, a good guarantee must cover the risks of deterioration and breakage. Buying a new battery can be very expensive.

    Electric bikes and its regulations

    Pedal assisted electric bikes are present and regulated by our highway code.

    They are called EPAC (Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle) and subject to the 2002/24 CE directive. Art.50 of the Highway Code (modification of art.24 / 1 of law 3.02.03 n.14): requires that pedal-assisted bicycles can be assimilated to normal bicycles only if the auxiliary engine electric has a maximum power of 0.25 KW (250W) and if its power supply is automatically reduced until it ceases when you stop pedaling or you reach the speed of 25 Km / h.

    If the motor exceeds 250W to circulate it needs to be homologated, as required by EU regulation 168/2013, and will have to be insured and equipped with a number plate (negating most of the economic benefits).

    The bikes sold by most manufacturers, at least for our market, are therefore limited with a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

    The best models of pedal-assisted electric bikes

    The market offers a large number of electric bike models with technical characteristics that can vary widely.

    For those who are looking for the latest technological devices, surely they will have to pay a fairly substantial amount, those who are looking only for basic functionality will be able to find products at affordable prices.

    Here we try to see the models on the market that stand out for their excellent quality/price ratio.

    Nilox E Bike X5

    It is a very popular model especially for the low price, it is not the top of the technology. It offers a declared battery life of 55Km which, however, according to the comments of the user, becomes 20-30 Km of real battery life, the maximum declared speed of 25 Km / h. It has v-brakes and a good gearbox and a 250W brushless motor with a battery from 36V to 8Ah. Unfortunately, the bike is not very light (it weighs 23Kg) but the maximum declared supported weight is remarkable, well 140 Kg. It is good to be used in paths with few gradients.

    Nilox Doc X2 Plus

    It is an ideal bike for urban mobility thanks to its folding frame weighing 18Kg, 16 ″ wheels with a thickness of 1.75 ″. For the rest, it is a very basic model, usual 250 W motor, 36V and 4.4Ah lithium battery, a maximum speed of 25Km/h, battery life on 20-25 Km and charging time of 2h.

    The maximum supported weight indicated by the manufacturer is 95Kg. The comments are conflicting, between those who found themselves very well and those who were very bad, the advice is to try it and make the return if you are not convinced.

    i-Bike I-Fold 20

    Electric bike with 20 ″ wheels, front disc brake, folding aluminum frame and weight of 24 Kg.

    With the 200W motor and 36V and 8Ah battery this bike reaches a maximum speed of 20Km / h and a battery life of 40Km, for a full recharge, it takes 6 hours.

    The pedal assistance levels offered by this model are 3.

    Also for this bike, the comments are mixed, especially as regards the speed of the bike.

    REVOE Dirt VTC

    Folding electric bicycle with 20-inch wheels and 20 × 4.0 all-terrain “FAT” tires ideal for covering all types of terrain: gravel, sand, snow, and clay.

    This bike is equipped with a 250W motor with a removable 36V and 10 Ah lithium-ion battery and 3 hours of charging time.

    The declared battery life is 40km and the maximum speed is 25 Km / h (the available selectable speeds are 6 Km / h, 15 Km / h and 25 Km / h + start assistance).

    Customer reviews are mostly positive, the main negative note highlighted by many regards the brakes, but this defect can be easily resolved by replacing them with Shimano brakes with a modest cost of about 10 euros.

    Xiaomi mijia QiCYCLE

    The small folding electric bike of the well-known Chinese house is a very interesting and quality product. It has a 250-watt motor that allows you to reach 25 km / h, a 5.8 Ah battery for a maximum range of 30 km and a 3 hour recharge time.

    It has 16-inch wheels and the aluminum alloy frame is light (14.5 kg) and robust being tested to carry heavy people up to 120 kg.

    It is not easy to find this interesting bike in the West, it can be imported through stores such as Gearbest where it is often on offer.

    NCM Munich

    You go up decidedly end with this bike particularly appreciated by buyers. The weight of the bike is 27 kg for the 26 ″ models and 28 kg for the 28 ″ models, the maximum load is 120 kg. It has an aluminum frame with a suspension fork, the seller is particularly serious and reliable. The engine reaches a maximum torque of 32 N / m, the 36 Volt 13 Ah (468 Wh) battery, with medium pedal-assistance, allows you to do 80 km on a single charge.

    NCM Milan

    Those who want even more than the model shown above can opt for the NCM Milano electric bike.

    In addition to what is already present in the Munich model, with this model it is possible to travel up to 120km on a single charge (using the ECO mode) and guaranteeing up to 60Km of battery life even in conditions of use with the maximum level of pedal assistance and uphill.

    It has a removable 48V 13Ah (624Wh) rechargeable battery and a motor that allows obtaining 55 N / m of torque. It also offers a convenient USB socket for charging portable devices.

    Our study on the best electric bikes has ended; we hope to have given you the tools to find the most suitable vehicle for your needs.

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