Here, we will be showing just how to clear Instagram search history for those of you that want a clean slate.

Instagram is a very popular social media platform which is used by most Smartphone users. Instagram allows its users to originally share just pictures but later added support for video Sharing – Videos of about 2 minutes tops. Now, Instagram has another version of the app called IGTV: Instagram TV. The new app, IGTV allows creators to share videos of more than the standard limit of 2 minutes.

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram like I do then chances are, you’ve searched for a lot of people using the search option in the explore section. Now, when you search for an Instagram handle/name, Instagram records and saves the search. This is done in order to pull up that profile faster when next you use the Search option. For some people, this is great, while for some others this isn’t. If you’re for the latter, then you’d be happy to know that you can clear your search history. To do that, simply follow the outlined steps below.

How To Clear Instagram Search History

– First, you have to make sure you have an active internet Connection or Connected to a strong WiFi.

– Launch the Instagram App and Make sure you’re Signed In. If you aren’t then you’ll need to Log In.

– Click on your profile located at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to profile section.

– Now tap the three lines at the top right corner of the screen if you’re using an Android device or Click on the Gear Icon if you’re using an iOS or Windows device.

– Upon tapping the Three lines/Gear Icon, A Menu will slide out. Tap Settings at the bottom side of the right tab.

– Look for “Search History” and Click on it. Next, Press “Clear Search History”

Just like that you’ve cleared your Instagram search history. In some cases, users have reported that clearing the search history using the method above didn’t work for them. If you’re among those that this solution didn’t work, then you can try the below alternative solutions.

Alternative Ways To Clear Instagram Search History

Once you clear your Instagram search history and it still shows up on your search, then you might need to restart your device. If after restarting your device and the search history is still there then you might maybe wanna Log out and log back in. This often solves the problem and clears the search history. A more drastic approach will be to Clear the date and cache of the Instagram app and Re-Login or completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app. All have been knowing to clear Instagram history.


It’s a nice thing that Instagram has included a way to do this in the app, but if reports online are anything to go by, it shows that the feature doesn’t work all the time. Instagram needs to work on it and make it better, but there are still alternative that work pretty well just in case the one in the Instagram settings falls short or doesn’t get the job done.

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