a microsoft uj studiokat is nyitna hogy tobb xbox oneexkluziv jatek szulessen 1
a microsoft uj studiokat is nyitna hogy tobb xbox oneexkluziv jatek szulessen 1

Clearing the browsing history on a browser is a fairly common operation. In doing so, you do a little ‘cleaning and above all you maintain a certain privacy, preventing other people from being able to know which sites we went.

Since the latest generation consoles offer the possibility to browse, does this opportunity also exist on Xbox One? The Microsoft device, in fact, uses the Edge browser: in this article, I will show you how to delete the history even in this unusual environment.

Edge and Xbox One: clearing the browsing history is easy

First, you need to find the browsing history. To get there you need:

  • select the Hub icon (located to the left of the menu button in the upper right corner of Edge)
  • at this point press the A button on your controller
  • select History from the sidebar and press the A button again

In this way you will have to face your chronology, being able to scroll easily among recently visited sites.

Clear browsing history

After carefully examining the list of sites (once the history is deleted, this will be irretrievably lost) we just have to proceed with the cleaning operations. Choose the Clear history to delete all or option:

  • open the menu in the upper right corner
  • select Settings
  • go to Clear data navigation and Choose what to delete

In this way it is possible to intervene surgically, choosing which data to keep. Once you have made your choice, go to Clear browsing data and select Delete.

Bing and chronology

The history of Bing is in itself and requires a small operation separately. Precisely for this reason, it is also present in the above menu the  Clear Bing search history to delete all traces of searches made.

If you prefer to hide regardless of the searches performed, there is the In Private Browsing mode, which will allow you to use the Microsoft search engine without storing any data.

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