Safari is known to be a graphic browser used by virtually all the iPhone and iPads users. In all the browsers, Safari is faster and much more efficient to use, it’s a handy tool that helps you share, save, find your favorite sites, in the light of modern discovery, Safari works with iCloud to enable your browser seamlessly across all your device.

We discovered that majority of its users finds it hard to close tabs when they are done using the browser, they prefer to open a new tab to visit a website and then press the home button after use. Thankfully, there are easy ways to close multiple tabs on Safari at once without going through the stress of closing it one by one. This new process of closing multiple tabs at once is done in IOS 12, it was introduced in IOS 1O and ever since then millions of people have testified positively about it.

Benefits Of Safari On iPhones

  • Tracking preventions
  • Protection from harmful sites
  • private browsing
  • More secure password
  • Fingerprinting defense

Tracking Preventions: One good thing about Safari is that it uses machine learning to identify advertisers and others whose main aim is to track your activities online. nowadays, Safari keeps installed content like button, share button and comment widgets from tracking you without your permission.

Protection from harmful sites: Safari warns its user that want to gain access to a fraudulent internet site, or those that harbor malware. Not only that Safari will warn you, at – times it prevents the site from loading.

Private browsing: If you are making use of private browsing, Safari doesn’t remember the page you visited, your search history or your Auto information. You can still use DuckDuckGo an inbuilt search engine that doesn’t rack you enable your web searches private.

More secure password: One outstanding benefit of Safari to the iPhone is that it makes sure your password is robust and unique by creating a strong password you can access. Once it is stored, your password will auto-fill across all your Apple device. To show you how powerful Safari is, you can be able to see passwords that have been used more than once and you can easily update them. This is done because of security reasons.

Fingerprinting defense: Safari thwarts and prevents advertisers to create a“ fingerprint” and follow you online. what Safari does is creating a simplified system profile, making it more difficult for data firms to track you.

I dislike the tedious process of getting rid of multiple tabs in Safari one by one so, therefore, lets head over to find out how to close multiple tabs at once in Safari

Tips on How To Close Multiple Tabs At Once In Safari On iPhones

Step 1: Click on the Safari app on your iPhone, once it opened

Step 2: Tap and hold the new tab button at the right top corner of the Safari app screen

Step 3: Four option will be brought out, click on “close all (number) tabs, at once the tabs, will be closed

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