compress images online
compress images online

Knowing how to compress images online is extremely important when the hard disk of your PC is about to explode due to the excessive number of photos stored. Just a few tricks to make the images lighter, in order to send them by e-mail more quickly. The same applies to share on the main social networks. What are the best web-based services in terms of photo compression? Here they are in detail.

How to compress images online: the best web-based services


In my opinion, it is absolutely the best free service in terms of online image compression. The procedure consists of three steps. ” Upload Your Image or Your Photo ” consisting in uploading the photo from the PC hard disk through the ” Select Your Image ” button. After the upload, the next step is ” Use Buttons and Arrows to Set Size “: you can manually set the width and height, as well as reduce or even enlarge them (reverse operation to conversion). The procedure is concluded first by clicking on the yellow “ScaleYourImage” button and then downloading the image based on the JPG reference format, PNG or GIF. By clicking on the link “filename .extension file” you will find the compressed image inside the download folder. The original image remains because the online service in question does not provide for overwriting. The top in terms of compression, ScaleYourImage gives it in the transition from PNG to JPG or GIF.


This online service to be used to compress images online. Unlike the previous one, it is limited only to the compression of the image but is able to act simultaneously on multiple files. For accuracy up to 20 images with a maximum weight of 5 MB each. Upload files in PNG format directly with the drag & drop method. Compression will automatically think TinyPNG will show you in percentage terms of how much more the compressed image will read. Click on the download link and you will find it in the folder of the same name. Also, in this case, the original image remains on the PC. NB: as evidenced by the name, this web-based service acts exclusively on the format PNG.

In addition to being an online image compression service developed by Yahoo !, this resource is also available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox. The interface will also be thin, but the fact that allows you to act on 10 images at times, showing the percentage of reduction compared to the original photo is really “a lot of stuff”!


If you need to compress images online in JPEG format, this service is suitable for your needs. Its procedure is roughly the same as TinyPNG. Starting from the availability of the drag & drop method and automatic compression. Only three things change. The first is the supported format (and it was understood by the name); the second is compatibility limited to one image at a time; the third is how to compare images. You will see how many kb has lightened up. To be clear, a 46 kb file is reduced to a35 kb file with a 1.3x compression.


Online compression of photos must be planned upstream. In this case, you can choose between 5 image quality levels (“low”, “medium”, “high”, “very high” and “maximum”) and 5 indicators in percentage (“original”, “75%”, “50 % “,” 25% “and” 10% “). From the ” Choose from Standard Sizes ” menu and advanced options, you can further refine the lightening operation.


We conclude the list of services for compressing images online and photographs directly online with a web-based service characterized by a voluntarily Spartan user interface. Load the first image (up to 9 MB) using the “Choose File” button. You will see it in the left pane. By moving the lever to the left side you will only increase the compression rate of the image which will consequently be even lighter. With a first click on “CompressoNow” and then on the download link you will complete the operation, without the slightest effort.

Now you know how to compress images online. Thanks to the support of these web-based services you will not have to download absolutely anything, neither software nor additional extensions, but only and exclusively the compressed photo.

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