How to configure Alice Mail on Android

If you have an email mailbox that you use as your primary mailbox, you will surely find it convenient to configure it on your Android device. In this way you will be able to receive your mail wherever you are, it will be enough for you to be connected to the internet with your mobile device. To configure your Alice mailbox on Android you can use different Apps, in this article I will explain how to configure your box with the most used app, Gmail.

There are several advantages to using this App even for mailboxes that are not necessarily gmail. First of all, we are sure of the quality of the App and behind it there is a development team that will constantly update it, making it always safer and easier to use.

Secondly, we will thus have only one App for all our Gmail and non-Gmail mailboxes. And last but not least, sometimes it happens to choose an App to use it on our device, but after a certain period of time the project is abandoned and the team no longer releases updates. With Gmail, we are sure that the project will not be abandoned leaving us without assistance and/or support.

So if you’re interested in figuring out how to configure Alice email on Android, I suggest you take the time to read this article. Apply the instructions step by step and you will see that at the end of this guide you will be able to configure Alice mail on your Android device.

Configure Alice mail on Android Gmail

One of the easiest and fastest ways to configure your email Alice box on Android is by using the Gmail App. In fact, the App of the computer giant not only allows you to configure @ boxes but also other boxes of other providers as long as you know the configuration parameters. Then proceed immediately to configure Alice mail on Android.

Open the Gmail app and click on the icon with your photo at the top right. Now press the “Add another account” button.

In the screen that appears you now press the last button at the bottom with the word “Other”, to indicate that you will configure a box of another provider. Enter your Alice mail address now and press the link that appears at the bottom “Manual configuration”, here I suggest you select “Personal (IMAP)”, but if for some reason you prefer the POP3 protocol, select it as well.

You will now be asked for the password for your Alice mailbox that you selected during registration. In case you have lost your password, find an excellent guide on how to recover it in this article on Alice mail. After entering the password and pressing the Next button, you will have to enter the parameters of the incoming mail server, enter for the IMAP protocol or for the POP3.

Pressing the Next button now may result in a disclaimer informing the user that Alice‘s security certificate cannot be verified by the Gmail App, nothing to worry about. Press the “Advanced” button and scroll to the bottom which will appear at the bottom and press the “Proceed anyway” button. Now you will have to enter the outgoing mail parameters of Alice mail, enter and press the Next button.

At the end of the validation of the SMTP parameters, a screen similar to the one of the disclaimer just now will appear. In this case, it is only necessary to modify a parameter. Click on the “Change Settings” link and set the “Security Type” to None.

Now Next and then Next again after checking if the various final settings meet your needs. Choose the name with which your emails will arrive, for example, Davide CirilloMario Rossi. Once this is done, you have finished configuring your email inbox on your Android Gmail App.

Alice Mail configuration parameters

If you have your favorite Android app or you want to configure your mailbox on PC or Mac, you need complete configuration parameters. The following are the official TIM parameters for configuring the mailboxes @ @ and @

Email Alice inbox (POP3)

  • Username: your complete email
  • Password: the password you chose during registration
  • Server:
  • Door: 110
  • SSL / TLS: no

Email Alice inbox (IMAP)

  • Username: your complete email
  • Password: the password you chose during registration
  • Server:
  • Door: 143
  • SSL / TLS: no

Outbox (SMTP)

  • Username: your complete email
  • Password: the password you chose during registration
  • Server:
  • Door: 587
  • SSL / TLS: no (STARTTLS)
  • Requires authentication: yes

In conclusion

By configuring your email inbox on your Android mobile device, you can finally receive and send messages and attachments wherever you are. Remember that the Gmail App checks e-mail every 15min, so if you wait for a very urgent e-mail I suggest you check by hand the arrival of this e-mail every 1-2min. Otherwise, let the App notify you of the arrival of the email when it is detected within a maximum range of 15 minutes.

I hope this guide was helpful and clear in the explanation.

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