This article will let you know how you can check a person’s Snapchat score and how your own can be boosted. The Snapchat score is definitely one of the most controversial elements online. Giving people scores on the way they interact, the number of times they interact, what they do, the time they get it done and who exactly the do it with might sound dystopian but is actually a safe measure of just how much Snapchat is used by you.

As for me, i have no business with my Snapchat score. But one man’s meat is another man’s… know the rest. But i know several people whose Snapchat score is bragging rights or something worth comparing to others. If you are in this category,, this article is for you.

How Can I Check My Snapchat Score?

Your personal Snapchat score is visible as a number under your profile picture on the main Snapchat home page in the application. It is under your username and on top of any trophies that you might possess and will most likely be counted in thousands.

Your score is mainly the number of Snaps you send and receive plus Stories you come up with and post and Stories you viewed. There are other things involved too as per Snapchat, but we are not told what exactly. Simply put, the more Snapchat is used, the higher your score.

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Check Another Person’s Snapchat Score

In addition to seeing your personal score, you can see that of your pal as well. You must be friends with them on Snapchat to see it though.

  1. Try to chat with the guy or girl you intend to check.
  2. Select the three line menu in the top left.
  3. Check out their score in the profile window that pops up. It will be close to their username at the top.

You do not need to select any of those menu items at the bottom if you are only checking their Snapchat score. Simply tap ’X’ to get rid of the window. It can be rinsed and repeated for all you pals in precisely the same way.

How Can I Boost My Snapchat Score?

At the end of it all, your Snapchat score is meaningless. It is simply an exciting way for Snapchat to try to gamify the application so users can use it more. Although, if you like competing and cannot shun a challenge even if it is fake, you will always feel like beating your friends.

Snapchat scores improve the more you make use of the application but we are aware that creating and receiving Snaps, coming up with stories, adding friends and maintaining Snap Streaks are very vital when it comes to boosting that score. Making use of chat will have no effect on your Snapchat score as far as i know, therefore, it is all about the Snaps and Stories. If you are able to add friends, good idea.

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To boost your score:

  1. Ensure you send a good AM or good PM snap to your pals. 1 or 2 extra snaps daily is cool too.
  2. Ensure all Stories and Snap you see are read. Yes i know, some can be painful to read or even check out, but you receive points for opening them.
  3. Roll with celebs. They will not just send dozens of snap daily, which once opened will aid you to gather points, there will be zero complains about being sent several snaps every day from you. Even, some very famous celebs make use of agencies for the management of their social media so do not even expect them to view them.
  4. Follow and interact with brands. Like i said earlier, several famous brands make use of agencies or social media marketers.
  5. Following and sending snaps to companies will be as effective. Especially if you are able to send the ones of yourself with a brand product.
  6.  Do away with Snapchat. Sounds like a bad advise? How do you gain points for staying away? This is how, you actually receive points increase if you let go of the application for sometime and rejoin later.

These are steps you must’ve been familiar with already but they are the only publicized ways to increase your Snapscore.

Lastly, stay away from those sites that say they can increase your score in one day for just a little amount of money. They are mostly not true and some will even make use of hacked accounts to do their work. Even if you may receive a boost to your Snapchat score, no one fancies the encouragement of hacking or other suspicious activities.

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