How To Connect A Bluetooth Headphone To Your Windows-Based Computer?

You must already know how to pair Bluetooth headphones with your mobile phone, but do you know how to do it on your Windows computer? The great news is that the process is shockingly identical, and in just a few taps, you can use the same wireless headphones you use for your Android or iPhone, on your computer. Let's get right into it:

How Can I Connect Bluetooth Headphones To My PC?

1. Begin by confirming your headphones in Bluetooth pairing mode.
2. On your computer, select Settings from the Start menu. It is the gear-shaped icon on top of the Power button. If you wish, you can even locate the Settings application by entering "Settings" in the Start menu search box.
3. Tap "Devices."
4. The Devices page should instantly open to the "Bluetooth & other devices" section. If it does not, tap "Bluetooth & other devices" in the pane on the left.
5. Enable Bluetooth. The button has to turn blue.
6. Tap "Add Bluetooth or other device," and then in the Add a device window, tap "Bluetooth."
7. Make sure your headphone is placed in Bluetooth pairing mode.
8. After a while, the headphones will be visible in the list of devices. When the headphone is seen, tap it.
9. It can connect immediately or it can require a Bluetooth passcode in Windows. This will depend on the headphones. If a passcode request is seen, type in the code from the headphone's user guide. Most times, if a passcode is used, it is simply 0000.
10. After the connection is wrapped up, a message will be shown telling you the headphones are connected to the computer. You can tap "Done" and close the Settings window.

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It is also possible to pair your Bluetooth headphones with various devices such as your mobile phone and computer. But be aware that this depends on the model of Bluetooth headphones you own. Some allow that but for others, it has to be one device at a time.

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If you are having issues connecting the headphones to your smartphone after wrapping up this setup, you will have to disconnect the headphones from the computer or disable the computer's Bluetooth if you wish to connect to the device when you are still in Bluetooth range of the PC.

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