How to connect a Nintendo Switch to the TV


Nintendo Switch is an extremely popular console that has peaked in the market during March 2017. It is a unique device of its kind: with its implementation, in fact, Nintendo has tried to bring the concept of home console to the portable one.

One of the many advantages of this device is the possibility of using it even on the TV at home, being comfortably seated in an armchair. So how do you connect a Nintendo Switch to the TV? In this article, we will take a quick look at this interesting feature that has already conquered many gamers spread all over the world.

Connect a Nintendo Switch to the TV? We'll explain how to do it!

Let's start by considering everything from a practical point of view, or why should you connect a switch to your television? The main advantage for the gamer is the size of the screen. Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch is not equipped with a display comparable to that of a modern TV. So, when the user is not away from home, connecting the TV to the Switch is an excellent idea to greatly increase the gaming experience, fully enjoying one of the many video games offered by the console. In fact, on a purely mechanical level, the operation is simple: just connect Nintendo Switch to electricity and use an HDMI cable to connect TV and console.

Activate the Nintendo Switch on the TV and change the resolution

After connecting the Nintendo Switch base to the TV, you must activate the TV mode. To do this, disconnect any type of controller that is connected to the console. Once this is done, you need to focus on the TV. Naturally, for each type of device, there are different steps to follow: generally it is necessary to choose the HDMI input.

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At this point, the Switch screen is shown on the TV monitor. However, it is possible to optimize the video output with some little tricks. Let's go back to the console, pressing the Home key to find the Switch main menu. Here, select the path System Settings - TV-Out. Here you can act much more surgical, choosing resolution, color gamut, brightness and audio options.

To disconnect the device from the TV simply disconnect it from the base and disconnect the cables. Not only will Switch return to work automatically, but this disconnection will not affect the current game.


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