Connect a Turntable To a Laptop 2
Connect a Turntable To a Laptop 2

Connecting a Turntable to a laptop is one of the most common things that is done on a daily basis and yet it is also one of the hardest things for a person to do and manage. This article is pretty straightforward, nevertheless, I want you to read it carefully. The truth is that connecting a turntable to a laptop is not that hard if you know what you are doing and carefully obey and follow this article.

The first thing to put in mind is that you need to know that any Turntable can be connected to your laptop, the question here is, is there the need for any other additional equipment to make it connect? Well, here are the things you will need:

  • an analog or digital audio converter box
  • RCA type audio cables, which and be bought at any audio and laptop device stores
  • a USB cable.

The USB cable will be used later in the instructions. A standard turntable will necessitate that you pre-amplify the signal and that is why you will be needing the first two items on this list. For a modern turntable, you may not need all these extra devices as they are more easy to connect.

Using a standard turntable, you will need to first connect one end of the RCA stereo cable into the output jacks which is on the turntable. It is very essential that you know that in many cases a six-foot audio cable is enough for you to connect any type of stereo tool to almost anything. The RCA cable also has a white and red connector. In order not to get confused, always know that white is left and right is red. This will also assist you to remember and keep you from been confused so you won’t switch the connectors.

The next thing to do is to plug the connectors at the other end of the cable. The final step here is to connect and take the stereo mini phone plug into the laptop’s line-in jack that should be on the laptop and easy to find as it will usually be light blue in color. When trying to connect a USB turntable, you will find out that this will be a lot easier as these are designed to work directly with your computer.

Now, install the software that came with your USB turntable into your system (laptop). The installation might take a few minutes depending on the software on your laptop. Then also make sure that the turntable has some power and then on it. After this has been done, Now take the USB cable and connect it to the turntable and then to your laptop through the cable. Once this has been accomplished, the laptop should detect the turntable and it should have connected.

While it may seem a little bit overwhelming for you, you will need to follow the steps so things can be very easy for you when connecting it next time.

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