Multiple Monitors
Multiple Monitors

It is not true that only hackers or computer engineers are the only ones who can use two screens simultaneously, anyone can work with multiple monitors simultaneously. In our work, it can be a great advantage to work with multiple monitors simultaneously using Windows 10, as this improves the quality of our work and simplifies our life.

In a simple way, we will teach you how to connect multiple monitors to a single computer, in Windows 10. You can extend the screen on two monitors; so that on one monitor it is possible to have content and on the other monitor it is possible to display different contents. For example, on one of the monitors, it is possible to work with the Word program and on the other monitor the Excel program.

How to connect multiple monitors simultaneously in Windows 10

The first thing is to make sure that our motherboard or video card allows us to use multiple monitors; So we need to make sure that our monitor cables are well connected. When we connect the cables from our second monitor to the computer, Windows 10 will automatically detect it.

To configure the monitors to our liking, we right-click on the desktop and we will immediately see what a dialog box looks like, where we will choose Screen configuration.

A page will open where we can see the number of monitors that we have connected to our computer and we will see various elements to customize our screen.

If the second monitor is not displayed, we can select Detect and our second screen will be displayed. We slide down, where it says More screens and we will see the options that are offered to us:

  • Show only in 1 and show only in 2; it is when we choose one of the monitors we want to work on, whether it is monitor 1 or monitor 2; while the other monitor remains off.
  • The screen mirroring refers to the fact that the second monitor is a replica of the main monitor, and you will see exactly the same thing on both monitors; used for presentations or ceiling projectors, to display content on a wall or screen.
  • Extend screen refers to the fact that we will have two different banks, with which we can put different content on each monitor; and we can drag windows and files from one screen to another.

From the options mentioned above, in order to configure our computer to work with different monitors, we will select the Extend screen option and press where it says Apply; here he will ask us: “Do you want to keep these screen options?”, we will select Keep changes.

Once these steps are performed, the two monitors are activated and we can work with the monitors connected to our computer.

How to use multiple monitors in Windows 10

When we have configured our computer to work with two monitors simultaneously, we can see which monitor is on the right or left; to find out, we just have to scroll the mouse to the right or left of the screen and the arrow will disappear from one monitor and then appear on the other.

We could open two programs, such as Word and Excel, once we have already opened them, move one of them to the other monitor by dragging it; in this way we would work with two monitors simultaneously with different programs.

We have so many options and advantages when we work with two or more monitors on our computer. We could play on one of our monitors and on the other monitor we could work on some programs.

We explained to you in a simple and short way to connect multiple monitors simultaneously in Windows 10.

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