United Bank for Africa
United Bank for Africa

Are you having an issue regarding your UBA bank account? Would you like to inquire about a service offered by UBA? If Yes, then stick with me as I show you how you can easily get in touch with a UBA Customer Care Agent.

As a bank account holder, it is important that you have the contact details of your bank handy as the need to contact them might arise at any time. There are a lot of things a UBA Customer Care Agent can do for you. Thankfully, UBA has a lot of competent Customer Care agent who is always available 24/7 to attend to you and resolve all your complaints swiftly.

For Example, if you misplace your ATM card and will like to block it before someone gets hold of it and maybe withdraws your funds. All you have to do is to simply put a call to your bank and ask them to block your Card. There are also a lot of other things the UBA Customer Care can also do for you. The following can be done by a UBA Customer Care Agent at your request.

  • Block a Stolen/Misplaced ATM Card.
  • Request Statement Of Account.
  • Information on UBA Products and Services.
  • Online Banking Information and PIN reset.
  • Resolve Issues with ATM Card and Mobile Banking App Transactions.
  • Any and other information about any and all UBA products and services.

How Do I Contact UBA Customer Care?

UBA Customer Care

If you have or are having any of the issues listed above then simply call the numbers below to speak with a UBA Customer Care Agent.

  • +234 700 2255 822
  • +234 1 280 8822

You can also chat with them live on their website. On Twitter? Send them a Direct Message @UBACares or you can simply send them a message on their UBAGroup Facebook Page. You can also send an email to cfc@Ubagroup.com.

However, not all issues can be resolved by calling them or sending them messages on Twitter, Facebook or Email. Some issues will need you to go to the bank to sort out. Although, If your presence is needed in the bank then the UBA customer care will let you know when you contact them.

You can also learn how to download and use UBA Mobile Banking App In order to do some basic things like check Account balance, Get Mini Statement at any time and a lot of other stuff.

Note: No UBA Customer will/should ask you for your personal/sensitive information like ATM PIN, ATM card number, CCV Number or Mobile Banking PIN, Token Or OTP(One Time Password).


This guide should help you get across to a UBA Customer Care agent and hopefully sort out/Resolve your issues. If you still have any questions regarding how to contact UBA Customer care then simply leave a comment down below in the comment section and I’ll reply as soon as possible.

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  1. I withdrew 4K last month and their debited me twice i went to bank to complain they said i should wait for 15th working days now is more than 30 working days still yet I’ve got my money back last week Friday make i made i withdraw again they debit my twice again please please i need me money back

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