How to create polls on Telegram

Telegram continues to improve and integrates so many attractive features that the competition has not yet implemented. Let's see how to create Surveys using Telegram.

Telegram 4.2

Guide on how to create polls on Telegram

Telegram is perhaps the best client chat ever that makes numerous additional features compared to the competition, such as WhatsApp, which are deciding a fairly successful. Here one of Telegram’s forces is to support the BOTs that allow you to expand the functions beyond belief.

In practice all major social networks allow you to create surveys to engage their readers and even Telegram, although not having introduced the function officially, allows you to create surveys thanks to the use of some BOTs.

The best BOT Telegram to create surveys are:

  • EasyVote
  • QuAnBot

Let’s see how to create polls on Telegram.

Create Surveys on Telegram: QuAnBot

It is perhaps the best and allows you to create two types of polls, Like / Dislike and Mini Chat. With the first one only with a positive or negative rating, while with the second one you can also insert a message to indicate your preference.

Here’s how to create polls on Telegram with QuAnBot:

  1. Start QuAnBot
  2. Type  /new poll
  3. Select the Create from pattern item
  4. Choose the type of Poll Like / Dislike  or  Minichat
  5. Now write the survey text
  6. Use the Share button   to send the survey anywhere you want, chat or on your channel

Create Surveys on Telegram: EasyVote

EasyVote, unlike QuAnBot, allows only to share surveys on a channel but the operation is identical to that of QuAnBot.

Here’s how to create surveys on Telegram with EasyVote:

  1. Open the channel where you want to poll and add the EasyVote Bot
  2. Start EasyVote
  3. Tap on the Controls item
  4. Type /create polls
  5. Now write the survey text and give the message
  6. Enter the first Poll option and press Enter
  7. Finally, enter the second option of the survey and submit
  8. Now write /poll to view and share the survey
  9. We can close the survey by clicking on Close Poll and finally see the results by writing /results.

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