Customize iPhone Home Screen Widgetsmith iOS 14
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I don’t have to tell you how planet earth adores Apple devices right now. The brand has successfully earned the trust and loyalty of several users across the globe and that will not change for a very long time. In fact, its devices have become so trustworthy that users will buy it at whatever price it is sold for.

If you are not aware, Apple was recently named the coolest brand in Britain, and it was unarguably a well-deserved award. The massive attention the brand has managed to garner in recent years is nothing short of amazing.

To spice things up for everyone, iPhone users can now use the iOS 14 update to personalize their Home Screen with Widgetsmith. The application lets users customize their iPhone like never before by adding fresh icons, images, and also modifying the full-color scheme. See How To Customize Your iPhone Home Screen With Widgetsmith In iOS 14:

How Can I Customize Your iPhone Home Screen With Widgetsmith In iOS 14?

This method of iPhone personalization is quite popular on Instagram and TikTok recently, with users being able to share the ways they have made their iOS device more aesthetically pleasing with Widgetsmith. Widgets have been existing on iOS for some time now, but with the recent update Apple made, their popularity has increased massively, including having the ability to use them on the Home Screen.

Downloading Widgetsmith is free from the App Store and it comes with lots of personalizable widgets to select from. These widgets include weather, astronomy, calendars, reminders, and so on. Every widget is totally customizable and can be scheduled to modify throughout the day too.

Customize iPhone Home Screen Widgetsmith iOS 14
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Giving iPhone users complete control over the appearance and function of their Home Screen, alongside the option to use custom text and images to further add to the overall design, is also one of its many important advantages.

A main part of what will be visible on social media when it comes to these personalized Home Screens can be done via Shortcuts. This feature lets the user rename and assign various photos for every of their app icons, while Widgetsmith offers access to the personalizable widgets that are vital in order to create the stylish Home Screen you want.

Widgetsmith also aids the creativity of several iPhone users with the iOS 14 update. It exposes users to fresh features that let them customize their iPhone to the precise specifications that suit them the most. If you are looking to take complete control and create a unique personalization that reshapes the popular iPhone Home Screen design, Widgetsmith is definitely the answer.

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