How To Disable Apps Running In Background On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In this guide, we will be showing you how to disable apps running in the background on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has two variants – the one with 6GB Of RAM and another one with 8GB Of RAM. Now, irrespective of the one you have, having enough RAM shouldn’t be a problem as the 6GB version which is the smallest is enough to handle almost everything a basic user throws at it, not to talk of the 8GB RAM. Now, having to open an app and keep it open for long is good if you want it that way, but when a closed app keeps itself running in the background, then it becomes a problem.

Apps running in the background drain a lot of battery, takes up too much RAM and make other running apps not function properly, especially if you’re running a Game. The only way to fix this is to disable those apps running in the background and shouldn’t be. Although some apps need to run in the background, app likes WhatsApp, BBM, Telegram and some other instant messaging apps need to constantly run in the background to receive messages and all. However, not all apps are supposed to be running in the background, and thankfully, you disable the ones you don’t want running in the background on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 by following the steps below.

How To Disable Apps Running In Background On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

– Swipe down the notification Panel and Click On Settings (Gear Icon) or Click on the Settings App.

– Tap on Device Management and Click on Battery and Select the “Always Sleeping Apps” at the end of the page. From here you can see the list of the Installed app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device.

– To disable any app you see there, Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and Click on Add Apps.

– Now Select the apps you would like to stop from running in background and tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now those selected apps won’t run in the background anymore. After doing the above, you should experience a significant increase in your battery life and overall phone speed and app launch time. Especially if you disabled a lot of apps from running in the background.


There you have it, how you can disable apps running in the background on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Be sure to leave us a comment down below in the comment section if you’ve got any questions about this guide.

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