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A while back, we got to know about Facebook photos Auto Tagging feature; a way to know when someone on Facebook uploads a photo you are in. Facebook is able to do this using a facial recognition software which is pre-loaded on the website and alerts you with a notification immediately someone on Facebook uploads a picture you are in. They also automatically tag you in said photo.

Now, this, to me is a very cool feature and really helps you know who uploads your photo on Facebook. It also helps you know how many of your photos are out there on Facebook simply by going to your profile photo and Access the “Photos you are tagged in” section to see it all. The Facebook Photos auto Tagging feature is also a time saver as you don’t have to manually tag everyone in the photo, especially if there are so many people in the photo; Facebook does that for you automatically.

While there are some good sides to this feature as the intent for this innovation is simply to keep you in the know of your photos circulating on Facebook, there are also some bad sides. For example, if you are a celebrity or kind of popular with a lot of people uploading your picture to Facebook almost every minute. You might find this feature very annoying as it keeps notifying you incessantly. This is just one of the reasons why you might want to Disable this the Facebook photos auto Tagging feature on your Facebook account.

To do that, simply follow the steps below.

Facebook Photos Auto Tagging Feature; How To Disable It

  • Log In to Facebook Full Website (Not Mobile Site or App)
  • If you’re on mobile, you can use Chrome Browser to Access Facebook Full Site; Open Chrome and Go to www.facebook.com or www.Fb.com. Now Click on the Three Dots at the top right side of the screen and mark/Check “Desktop Site” Box from the drop-down menu.

  • Navigate to Settings.

  • Click on Timeline and Tagging.

  • Under Tagging, there is a section that says “Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?”.

  • Right under the section, you’ll see Friends as the selected option, Click on it and Select/Change it to No One.

  • Save the settings and you’re all good.

Now, whenever someone uploads a photo that looks like you or a photo you are in, you won’t get notified. You can also enable the feature at a later time by going following the above steps and selecting Friends in the “Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?” Section.


Personally, this feature has been one of the best features have seen on Facebook. I don’t have to worry if someone is using my phone to maybe scam someone or someone, somewhere opened a parody account of me. Facebook does all that for me.

If you have any questions concerning this Facebook Photos Auto Tagging feature then don’t hesitate to Leave a comment down below.

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