How To Disable OnePlus 5 Camera Shutter Sound

The OnePlus 5 is a robust mobile device that is popular for its excellent cameras. The cameras do an amazing job with the snapping of your images, but several users have had one or two things to say against the default shutter sound the mobile device plays when a photo is taken, they say it is really noisy and irksome. In this piece, lemme open your eyes to some ways to turn that sound down or off, and also reveal the legal issues by so doing.

1. Legitimacy

It is common knowledge in some countries that it is not legal to disable a smartphone camera’s shutter sound, but according to recent vigorous research, this is not the case. Japan had a law like that though, which banned people from taking sexually-themed photos of strangers, and there are proposals that pop up once in a while asking for such laws, but these laws are generally frustrating. The simple certainty is that there are several, legal reasons to detest the shutter sound; some of them are - It is quite noisy, it can be a distraction and it is just wrong in several situations, for example, taking photos at a musical show, where photographers should never be associated with anything noisy.

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As far as Techlector is aware, it is very legal to turn off your smartphone camera’s shutter sound, whenever and wherever.

2. Mute It

The simplest and most visible way to get your camera’s sound disabled is by muting or reducing the volume on your smartphone. To get this done, use the "volume down." button on your OnePlus 5 until it gets to vibrate mode. Getting it muted will enable camera shutter sound to be turned off.

3. Try A 3rd Party Camera App

Another useful way to turn off that irksome shutter sound is by getting a 3rd party camera app installed on your device. Some of these applications do not feature the default shutter sound or allow you to alter it to non-identical sound, or change its volume. Make use of several camera apps to get to know the ones you fancy. And then repeat.

Be fully aware that using a headphone in the headphone jack would turn off every sound released by the OnePlus 5. But, that's not an option for your OnePlus 5. This device splits media and notification audio, so expect the annoying camera shutter sound to still be heard via your speakers even with headphones being used.

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Finding your way through this setting via the use of sound control apps is a possibility, it allows you to direct the sounds you fancy via your headphones and the ones you want via your speakers.


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