call forwarding 670x335
call forwarding 670x335

On our phone, we have a multitude of options that, when the time comes to use them, many people don’t know how to activate them. One of these is call transfer, or in other words, the ability to redirect an incoming call from one number to another.

Fortunately, Android lets you do it in just a few steps and with the ability to choose whether we want to divert all calls or simply do so under certain circumstances. Here’s how you can easily activate and deactivate call forwarding from one number to another on an Android mobile device.

We may never have thought of using it, but the forwarding of calls on Android can be more useful than we can believe. To give you a quick idea of ​​its possibilities, the contexts in which this option can be useful are:

  • We may want to prevent a number from bothering us, and for this one of the options we have at our disposal is to divert that call to another number
  • Or it could also be necessary to divert calls from one phone to another (for example for those who have a personal and business phone) so that you do not always need to carry two phones, in case you do not have a Dual phone SIM.

But these are just a few options. If you want to try the call forwarding option on your phone yourself, we will explain how to handle call forwarding.

Types of call forwarding on Android

To see how to activate call forwarding, we must first be clear at which level we want to activate call forwarding. That is, we may want to divert calls to another device or maybe we want to divert calls to our telephone company voicemail.

Choose which number you want to divert calls to

Although it is also possible to redirect calls to another number using a code, the simplest is to do it from the mobile itself. To do this, simply open the phone application and click on the icon of the three points that we will find in the upper right corner.

In the drop-down menu, we need to select ‘Settings’, in some versions of the operating system and in some launchers it may appear as ‘Calls’ and, if it is a Dual SIM device, choose the SIM corresponding to the number of which we want to activate the transfer of call (in our case, Iliad).

Now choose how to divert calls

The next step is to click on the “Call Forwarding” option, which will offer four different forwarding options:

  • Always deflects
  • Divert during communication.
  • Divert when not responding.
  • Diversion when off or out of coverage.

Once we have decided on the option that best suits our needs, the only thing we need is to click on it, enter the phone number to which we want our calls to be diverted and press ‘Activate’.

Of course, it is possible to select the deviation with up to two options. And to deactivate it, just follow the same steps, tap the deviation we’ve activated and selected ‘Disable’. If what we want is to change the number to which they will be redirected, just enter a new number and click “Update”.

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