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In the Apple Watch Training app, it is possible to divide your training into segments, which is an excellent way to follow the changes in exercise intensity during the course of a workout. On the other hand, it can also help you discover what activities within a mixed session work and strengthen your body.

Use Segments  in your Apple Watch

If your usual running route includes a mountainous or sloping section, for example, you can use segments to indicate where it starts and/or where it ends; This will allow you to know how long it takes you to complete this segment compared to the rest of your training.

On the other hand, you can also use this function in your sessions in the gym that includes several high-intensity exercises, or mixed cardio exercises. Mark a new segment every time you switch to another team or each time you perform a different exercise, this will let you know what activity is most effective for burning calories.

To mark a segment (or partial) during a workout, you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Start the Entreno app on your Apple Watch.
  • Choose a type of training to monitor from the list, then continue and start your training.
  • To split your workout into two segments (or two partials), simply raise your wrist and double tap on the screen. The elapsed time becomes Segment 1 of your training, while the remaining time becomes Segment 2.
  • To create the third segment in your workout, simply double-tap the screen, and a new segment will be marked, that is, a Segment 3 will start. And so on. Repeat this action as many times as you want.

How to see the segment metrics on your iPhone

  • Start the Activity application on your iPhone.
  • Touch the Training tab.
  • Select the workout in which you recorded the segments.

  • Just above the heart rate chart, you’ll see a section titled “Partials.” Click it and you will see the data corresponding to each of the segments with the statistics of duration and calories burned.

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