How to Do Karaoke on Apple TV Running tvOS 13


Many things have changed in the new tvOS 13 including Home Screen, Screensavers and Control Center. The best part of the new update is Apple TV Music app which now comes with multi-user support. This feature allows anyone to customize their own playlists and recommendations. There is also an in-built song lyrics feature which allows you to do Karaoke at home!

With this feature, you can play music with its lyrics synced in real-time. You can even scroll up and down on the song lyrics to jump at the different parts using your Siri remote control. If that sounds interesting enough, let us proceed to see how you make this work on your Apple TV.

How to Sing Karaoke on Apple TV running tvOS 13

How to Turn ON or OFF Song lyrics on Apple TV

When you play music on your Apple TV, the lyrics will be displayed by default. However, you will need to edit the settings or else screensaver will cover the lyrics. To do this, launch the Settings app, click on General and then select Screen Saver. Finally, Turn OFF “Show during Music and Podcast”.

  1. Press the Pause button on your Siri Remote to pause the playing song.
  2. Next up, scroll up the screen and then click on the Lyrics icon. If you wish to disable the lyrics, later on, you can simply click the lyrics icon again.
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How to Find Lines in Song Lyrics on Apple TV

  1. After you have enabled lyrics, proceed to play a song.
  2. Next, scroll up or down on the lyrics with your Siri Remote (glass surface) to find the location of lyrics of the song.
  3. Now, click the Play icon which is right above the lyrics. Now when you play songs, they will start playing from the specified lyrics location.

That's all you need to do to start doing Karaoke via the Music app on your Apple TV. Make sure to let us know what you think about the feature in the comments below.

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