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Popcorn time4

If we are talking about video streaming, iOS devices have a long way to go. This is because of a few limitations from Apple that keep preventing iOS users from being able to download media content material from their favorite sources.

Not to worry though, with Popcorn Time, everyone can stream his or her favorite movies and television shows from their Mac, iPhone, or iPad device. Users are even allowed to stream their preferred video content without any hindrance as per downloading and syncing them to their iOS devices.

Like Netflix, Popcorn Time streams the media content by making use of torrent sources, and to install Popcorn Time on your iOS device. You do not have to jailbreak your phone. You can download it by using the Popcorn Time iOS installer while the Popcorn Time iOS application can be downloaded by jailbreaking your iOS device.

Popcorn Time iOS is a free application that allows you to stream, watch movies and current episodes of popular TV shows from your phone screen. The participant aggregates links to torrent files with video and from the main window, you will have access to the bookmarks of films and TV series.

Every video material is categorized as per criteria like genre, year of publication, title or popularity and Popcorn Time iOS can stream the content or download movies for offline viewing as well. The app is also compatible with devices running on from iOS 8 to iOS 12. See How To Download And Install Popcorn Time On Mac/iPhone/iPad In 2020:

How Can I Download Popcorn Time For Mac?

Popcorn Time works with every macOS version, so it does not matter which Mac OS version you are planning to use. Just:

Install Popcorn Time On Mac

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  1. Open Safari Browser on your Mac device.
  2. Head to the official site of Popcorn Time and download Popcorn Time Mac application.
  3. As soon as the install file is downloaded, head back to the home screen and click “New Finder Window” on the File menu.
  4. Head to Downloads and run the Popcorn Time installer file (.dmg).
  5. Check the onscreen instructions and hold on for Popcorn Time to be installed.
  6. As soon as the installation is wrapped up, head back to the home screen and open Launchpad.
  7. After that, you will see Popcorn Time among the list of other Mac apps.
  8. Click “Popcorn Time” to launch the app.
  9. You are done. You just successfully installed Popcorn Time on your device.

How Can I Install Popcorn Time On My iPhone/iPad?

Install Popcorn Time On Mac

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  1. Get Popcorn Time iOS installer downloaded on your Windows PC or Mac PC.
  2. As soon as the installer file is downloaded, run the file and install the tool on your Windows/Mac PC.
  3. Before you open the iOS installer, ensure you have installed the most recent version of iTunes and it has the permission to access your iOS phone. (If you are yet to use iTunes to sync your phone, download the iTunes to your PC. Launch iTunes and plug in your iOS device. It will prompt you to allow iTunes access to the device or not. Click “Yes” on your iOS device to allow access).
  4. After that, open the Popcorn Time iOS installer on your personal computer and plug in your iOS device.
  5. Once prompted, unlock your iOS device and click “Trust.”
  6. Once required, enable “Airplane mode” on your iOS device. As soon as Airplane mode is activated on your device, the installation process will begin. Do nothing until the installation process is completed on your phone.
  7. Once the installation is complete, unlock your iOS phone and launch the application without disabling the Airplane mode.
  8. While launching the Popcorn Time app, you will see a pop-up message that needs you to click “Trust.”
  9. Disable the Airplane mode as soon as the app is opened on your device.
  10. You are done. Disconnect your iOS device from your personal computer and start watching your favorite movies and TV series on Popcorn Time.

You are done.

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