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It is the company that sold the most phones worldwide in 2015 and many people are currently using their Android devices.

The company is exponentially expanding, and last year released the Mi PC Suite application, which means that if you want to connect a Xiaomi smartphone or tablet to your computer, you can use the official Mi Suite or download the USB drivers. Xiaomi and install them on your computer.

Xiaomi USB drivers are mandatory for all users of this company. These USB drivers for Xiaomi phones allow you to create a connection between the Windows PC and the Xiaomi device. Whenever you want to transfer your data from your smartphone or install firmware or something, then these Xiaomi USB Drivers are needed.

Below is the generic link to install the drivers for all Xiaomi devices. The installation process is very simple. I warn you that Xiaomi like Meizu does not own any drivers, so we will install the ADB drivers. In this article, we will see

how to download and install Xiaomi USB drivers.

How to download and install Xiaomi USB drivers

The Xiaomi USB drivers are provided in .exe format. So by clicking on it, you will be able to install the drivers on your computer. But let’s go ahead and 

see how to connect a Xiaomi phone to the computer.

Download: Mi PC Suite: Download Now

Download ADB driver for Xiaomi devices: Xiaomi USB driver

Tutorial how to install Mi Pc Suite: Go here However it is installed as a normal program. If you don’t understand anything, use the translator.

How to install Xiaomi drivers: First, download and extract the USB drivers on your Windows PC. Run only the Exe file and then follow the instructions on the computer screen. That’s all! Congratulation! You have correctly installed the Xiaomi USB drivers.

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