UBA Mobile Banking
UBA Mobile Banking

It is surprising that most people go to the bank for somethings that can easily be done using their bank app. Almost, if not all of the bank in Nigeria have their mobile banking app. Its users can use to do a number of tasks instead of going to the be bank. We will be focusing on UBA in this article. So we will be walking you through the process of how to download and use UBA Mobile Banking App.

UBA mobile banking app is a self-service platform created by the United Bank For Africa. In order to enable end users carry out financial transactions on their Smartphone or Tablet. The UBA Mobile Banking app helps in reducing the number of people that go the bank for minor things like Transferring money.

Download And Use UBA Mobile banking app

You would be surprised to know that a lot of people in this time and age still go to an ATM. Withdraw some money only to go to another bank just to pay the same money into someone else’s account. Whereas you can do that from the comfort of your home using the UBA Mobile Banking App.

This UBA Mobile banking app is available for download. For both Android on the Google Play Store and also for iOS on the Apple App Store.

Key Features Of The UBA Mobile Banking App

Check Your Bank Balance: You can check your account balance on your UBA account through the mobile banking app at any given time.

Intra Banks Transfer: You can transfer money from your account to others that have a UBA bank account. This transaction attracts no fee.

Inter Bank Transfer: You can also transfer money from your account to others using the UBA Mobile banking app. This transaction attracts a certain small fee.

Airtime TopUp: You can buy airtime from the app at any given time.

Pay Bills: You can pay numerous bills such as DStv Subscription, Electricity Bill and also buy movies tickets.

Bank Statement: With the UBA mobile banking app, you always have a small copy of your bank statement inside the app that can be accessed any time.

Check ATM: You check the list of available UBA ATMs around you and the ones dispensing cash, not dispensing cash or simply out of service.

There are also a lot more that can be done via the App and more is being added with each update.

How To Download And Use UBA Mobile Banking App

⚫ To Download the UBA Mobile Banking App For Android Click Here

⚫ To Download the UBA Mobile Banking App for iOS Click Here

⚫ Launch The App and input the necessary information. Information like Phone number and account number etc and submit. A code will be sent to the number attached to your account. Input the number in space provided in the app and Log In.

⚫ You can now transact using the UBA Mobile Banking App.

Note: If you have not used the UBA Mobile Banking before, then you will need to visit any of your bank branch to get a 4 digit PIN needed to transact on the UBA Mobile Banking Platform. The PIN will be sent to your phone number within 24 hours of filling the UBA Mobile Banking enrollment form. If you have, then you do not need to visit the bank. You can use your Old 4 digit PIN and continue transacting.


Knowing how to download and use UBA Mobile Banking App should be known by all and every UBA account holder or user. Furthermore, it would reduce the time spent in the banking premises sending money or doing other bank related activities that can alternatively be done using the UBA Mobile Banking App.

Will you be downloading this app from the google play store or Apple store for your respective devices ? Let us know in the comment section.

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