Looking for a way to download apps larger than 150MB over mobile data on iPhone? Then read on. There has always been a file size limit for the iPhone users. This file size limit only allows them to only download apps and game of less than 100MB on their iPhone or iPad devices over the mobile network.

However, you can download more than the stipulated 100MB but you have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. This was put in place to help you manage your phone data consumption, leaving all the heavy Downloads till you are Connected to a WiFi network.

Download apps larger than 150MB

This was of course not okay with some users who don’t have a WiFi network readily available for their Downloads. Now, Apple has compensated them with an upgrade from 100MB to 150MB in the new iOS 11. However, this is still not enough for those who want to use their data to download apps and games of more than 150MB from the apple app store.

Thankfully, there is a nice little trick we can use to bypass this restriction and Download apps larger than 150MB over mobile data on iPhone or iPad. So you can finally Download games with big file sizes like PUBG (PlayerUnknown BattleGround), Modern Combat and Free Fire among others.

How To Download Apps Larger Than 150MB Over Mobile Data On iPhone

First and foremost, You would have to make sure that the app or game you want to download is ready to be installed. For this, you will have to follow the steps below:

● Head on to the Apple App Store and Search for the app you want to download. Click On Install and Verify the installation either by Face ID or Password. (You can use anyone.)

● After verifying you would get the usual “this item is over 150MB and may not download until you connect to Wi-Fi network.” Don’t worry, just Hit Ok.

● Now, Go back to your home screen and you would see the icon of the app you tried downloading. (Make sure the app icon is on your phone. If it isn’t, then start again from the beginning)

● Now Go To Settings.

● Select General and Choose Date and Time.

● Toggle the Set Automatically to Off.

● Now Tap on Date.

● Set the date to 2 or 3 days ahead and save.

That’s it. However, It might take some time for the download of the app or game to start and be completed. Depending on the size. You can see the progress of the Download at the tinted app icon on your home screen. When it is done downloading then Navigate to Settings >> General >> Date and Toggle the Set automatically On.


This is most likely a bug in the iOS 11 and Apple will most likely find and fix this bug in an upcoming update. But for now that it is working. You can download apps larger than 150MB over mobile network on your iPhone or iPad. And enjoy it while it lasts.

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