In this article, you will learn how to install, download and use the IrokoTV application on your television. IrokoTV is among the tops when it comes to movies, tv series e.t.c. IrokoTv Application will help you download and stream movies online. The app currently supports iOS and Android. Talking about iOS, I mean iPhone.

Being an iRokotv application user, you are often made with having to watch Movies and even TV series on your mobile device. The app only supports Android and iOS.

How To Watch Movies and TV Series using IrokoTV App On Your Television

It’s easy. In my case, I employ the services of a TV box. An Android TV box to be specific. But, it’s not as simple as I’ve just said it.

Since the application only supports Android and iOS, the only way is to make the application work on an Android device which also works with TV sets. And that’s where the Android TV box comes in.

Which Android TV Box To Use and Where can you  Buy?

I would recommend that you buy the TV box here. This is the link to the page.

The Reason why I suggest getting that one is because that is just the same product I got.

Probably if I get to try out another TV box and it works well, I will update this article and recommend it.

Now to the big question, how can you download the iRokoTV app.

How To Download IrokoTV App On Television

Since we cannot download the application on your TV, we will be using something like a middleman; which is the TV box.

Firstly #1: What you have to do here is to turn on the X96 mini TV box and then connect it to your TV using the HDMI cable in the box. You can make use of that or any other one.

Secondly #2: When it loads fully, open the Google Play Store Application.

Thirdly #3: go up and click on the search bar and type iRokotv.

In case the directional buttons on your remote control do not let you get to the search bar, then switch to the mouse (cursor) control option.

To do that, tap on the mouse icon button on the remote control.

You will also need to be familiar with this as you will need to know how to toggle between mouse control and directional. Both come in handy for a better understanding with the x96mini.

Fourthly #4: When the IROKOtv application displays, then click on install.

How To Install?

After the download is done, you will receive a note that will ask you whether you want to install or Done. You should select install.

After installing, then click Open.

How To Use the app?

The application will show up in a portrait mode.

At this junction, you cannot make use of the directional control. Therefore, you should change to mouse control and work with the mouse control.

Insert your login information as you would on the mobile application. A code will be sent to your device which will give you the access to enter in. I’m sure you can locate your way from there.

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