Save From Instagram
Save From Instagram

Being able to download pictures from Instagram is something everyone using Instagram should know how to do. Not just pictures but videos too as Instagram have grown from being a photo sharing Media platform to a photo and video Sharing platform.

Instagram, like Twitter and Facebook are a way to keep up with friends, family, loved ones and not forgetting our favorite celebrities. Personally, I follow a lot of comedy pages on Instagram that post a lot of funny pictures and video daily. Some pictures and videos some things too funny that i would love to download them watch or look at at a later time.

So i went searching and found a way to download not only pictures but videos also from Instagram. Regardless of the device you are using; PC, iOS or Android. We’ve got a way for you to download those pictures you want from Instagram. First we’ll start with PC then iOS before moving over to Android.

How To Download Pictures From Instagram on PC

For PC, We’ll be making use of a website called DownloadGram which basically helps you download pictures and videos from Instagram. As long as you have a working Download link from Instagram.

  • Log On to the DownloadGram Website.
  • Leave the tab open. Now Open another tab in your browser and go to

  • Navigate to the Picture or video you would like to download and Click on it.

  • Now Click on the Three Dots at the top right side of the post and Tap Go To Post.

  • Copy the URL and Head back to the First Tab. (DownloadGram Website)

  • Paste the URL in the link provided and hit Download.

  • It will search for the picture or Video and prompt your to “Download Photo” or “Download Video”

  • Click on it to start your Download.

After it is done then the picture or video has been saved on your PC. However, If the picture or video have been taken down or deleted by the user or then the it will let you after you’ve hit Download.

How To Download Pictures From Instagram on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

For iOS, we’ll be needing an app from the apple app store. There are many apps on the Apple App store that can be used for this but we’ve chosen InstaGet here.

  • Head the Apple App Store and Download the InstaGet App.
  • Launch the app, input your Instagram name and Password to Login.

  • Once you’re logged in, Click on the three Horizontal lines at the top left side of the screen.

  • Click on search and search for the account with the picture or video you would like to download.

  • Once you’re in the person’s account, Look for the picture or video and Click on it.

  • Click on the Arrow Button to download.

  • Depending on your internet speed, it shouldn’t take long. Once it is done then the video or picture should be in your gallery.

    How To Download Pictures From Instagram on Android

    For Android, we’ll also be making use of an app called BatchSave which you can easily find and download on the Google play store.

    • Open the BatchSave App on your Android and go through or Skip the tutorial.
  • Log in to Instagram by inputting your username and password.

  • Search for the account with the picture or video you would like to download using the Search Icon at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on the account and look for the picture or video you would like to download.

  • Click on the picture or Video and tap the Arrow Button to download.

  • This will save the picture or video to your phone gallery.


    You can now simply Download Pictures from Instagram. You can also download videos from the platform using this method. If you have any questions concerning this, do not hesitate to drop a comment Down below.

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