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IMG 20180510 093530 937

The PC Game hit of 2017 called PUBG (Players Unknown BattleGround) by Tencent has finally made its way to the mobile platform. and we are so happy that it did. So in this article, we will be teaching you how to download PUBG Mobile for your Android device.

The game is now available for download on the google play store for Android devices. And on the Apple App store for iOS devices. PUBG is an action-packed, Non-stop shooting game that is very interesting and fun to play. The game like I said earlier, first came to PC and later on Moved to mobile and even then, it wasn’t opened to all countries.

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I think it first came to China, then the US and Canada before opening for other countries. The game has a different name on the iOS Platform called “PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield”. but regardless of the name, it is still quite the same game.

If you are a fan of Third or first-person shooter games, then PUBG is definitely for you. The gameplay, as well as the control, are nice. It also has some really nice maps and graphics that give an overall great Gaming experience.

There is also a graphics setting that auto selects the best graphics settings for your device, from Low to medium and then high. If you have a very high-end device like the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9 then you might probably be able to run the game in medium to high settings. Otherwise, you stick with the low settings which aren’t all that bad.

However, the game is not compatible with all low-end and mid-range devices Depending on if your phone specifications meet the necessary requirements. This is understandable given its console-quality like graphics but I’m definitely sure Xiaomi’s Gaming Android Device: Black Shark can handle this game effortlessly.

So if your Android device meets the following requirements, then you can go ahead and download the game.

  • 1GB or More Of Internal Storage.
  • 2GB or More of RAM.
  • Persistent Internet Connection.
  • Android 5.1 and above.

These are the requirements listed by the game on the Google play store. Nothing was written about needing an octa-core or Quad-core processor for the gaming. However, I did try downloading the game on my Infinix Hot 4 (2GB RAM with a quad-core processor) but my device wasn’t compatible with the game. So I guess it requires at least an octa-core processor or something else that wasn’t listed.

How To download PUBG MOBILE On Android Phones

● To make sure your phone is compatible with the game, Goto the PUBG Mobile On the google play store and check. The picture Below was what I saw on my Infinix hot 4.

● If your device is compatible, just hit Download and wait for it to download. (Depending on how fast your internet connection is, this shouldn’t take long)

● After Downloading, Open the game and enjoy.

Note: The game is an online game and requires an active internet connection to play, preferably a stable WiFi connection.

If your device isn’t compatible like mine, and you still want to play the game by all and any means necessary. Then You can try to sideload it by Downloading The Apk and Data of the game and manually install it.

Although I would not recommend This as it comes with its own risks. You might probably Download an unwanted file or even worse, a virus with it. So be careful and make sure you trust your source.


PUBG is a very interesting game and a must-have for every game lover. But if you can’t download PUBG Mobile due to compatibility issue. It might be best to Download and run the game on PC instead Using Tencent’s own mobile emulator.

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