Revolut virtual cards
Revolut virtual cards

The Revolut account card has finally arrived in Italy, together with all its advanced features. Among the most famous, in fact, there is no lack of currency exchange without commissions, the creation of disposable virtual cards and the recharge via a linked card. In addition to these, however, all the

most basic ones are present and any service of this type should have. Today, however, we will focus only on one of these, namely the export of account statements through two different formats. So let’s see how to do it.

Export Revolut statements to PDF or Excel file

To download and share Revolut bank statements in PDF or Excel format, it is necessary to have the smartphone application, regardless of the operating system that distinguishes it. So make sure you have installed the official app of the company and, if this is not the case, we invite you to do so through the

App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Open the Revolut application on your smartphone
  • Log in with your credentials or use the unlocking systems on your smartphone (face recognition or fingerprint)
  • Move to the main “Accounts” tab at the bottom left
  • Click on “Details” on the right and then on “Extract”, always on the right
  • Choose the period concerned (for example September 2019 – October 2019)
  • Select the export format at the top: PDF or Excel
  • Conclude with “Get excerpt”

At this point, it will be possible to save and share the downloaded file using the options button at the top right. Obviously, if you have chosen the second format available to you, our advice is to display it using the Microsoft Excel application, available for free on all digital stores. 

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