Download Torrents iPhone
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Downloading torrents straight to your iPhone is not as simple as on some other devices and this is because of the controversial nature of torrent files. Apple has banned every torrent client application from its online store since then, and officially, it is now impossible to download any torrent file to your iPhone.

Luckily for you, however, you can still download torrents on your iPhone, even if you will have to use a web client to make it happen. If you are not aware, there are other ways to download torrent files besides applications, you just need someone to put you through.

If you wish to still download torrent files despite the ban, there are various methods to do just that and despite Apple officially banning torrent clients, you will be able to access them online without downloading them. See How To Download Torrents Directly On To The iPhone:

How Can I Download Torrents Directly On To The iPhone?

There are several online torrent applications online, but the most popular ones are:


All these websites work in an identical manner. After opening them on your browser, you just have to copy the torrent link into the search bar and press “Download.” See the different ways to get files from online torrent downloaders:

1. Copy The Direct Download Link:

  • Head to the torrent site you use, like Monova or search for the torrent you want.
Download Torrents iPhone
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  • Rather than clicking “Download Torrent,” press and hold until the link can be copied.
Download Torrents iPhone
  • Paste the link into Seedr or another site and choose “Go.”
Download Torrents iPhone
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This site will function as a torrent client, and it will download the torrent file straight to your device’s storage.

2. Upload The Torrent File:

If the option above does not work, you can also upload a torrent file to your preferred site. Adhere to these instructions to start downloading the content you are searching for:

  • Head to your torrent site and locate a torrent file that you wish to download.
Download Torrents iPhone
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  • Rather than clicking download, hold it until a menu is visible.
  • Click “Share” and then “Save to.” Head to where you wish to save the torrent file.
  • Launch an online torrent downloader, like Seedr or Zbigz.
  • Press “Add Torrent File” and locate the torrent file in your documents.
  • Click “Go” or “Download” (depending on the website).
  • The torrent will then be downloaded to your storage.
Download Torrents iPhone
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