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There are a lot of things PC users can do on their device, more things than a smartphone could possibly think of doing. But when it comes to social messaging apps, the PC is somewhat at a disadvantage. In this article, we will be detailing how you can download WhatsApp on PC.

WhatsApp is a social messaging app that allows it users to send an received messages using their internet connection or Wi-Fi if available. Thanks to the recent update, you can now also make calls on WhatsApp using an internet connection as well as other features.

Download WhatsApp on PC

All these might be the reason PC and Tablets users are feeling left out. We have already talked about how to download and use WhatsApp on Tablets and now we will be focusing on helping PC users get their WhatsApp account up and running on their PC.

Most especially, PC users without a smartphone who would like to download WhatsApp on PC. Thankfully you can use WhatsApp and all its cool features on your PC. Although, you will need a couple of things, like an active phone number you are going to use in registering on the WhatsApp platform among others.

Traditionally, in order to use WhatsApp on PC. You must first be logged in to WhatsApp on you Smartphone. Then you can reply chats and do some other stuff through WhatsApp’s website. But first, you have to be logged in to WhatsApp on a phone.

However, For this process, you do not need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone. The only app you will need to install will be the BlueStacks App Player for PC. Some of you might have heard of the app and some might not. If you have not then you might be wondering what is BlueStacks App Player ?

Well, BlueStacks App Player is an app that somewhat transforms you PC to an android device as long as the app is running. Using the BlueStacks App Player, you can run any android app on your PC not just WhatsApp but any other android app or game. You can also use BlueStacks to Upload Pictures to Instagram from PC but i am Starting to digress, so lets head back to downloading WhatsApp for PC using BlueStacks App Player.

How To Download WhatsApp On PC

⚫ First of all, You will have to Download the BlueStacks App.

Install, Open and Go through the tutorial in the BlueStacks App. You can skip it if you want.

⚫ Select Your Preferred Language and Tap the Arrow Button.

Log In with your Google Account. Review and Agree to the terms of service by clicking on OK.

⚫ Enter Your Name and Check or Uncheck some boxes according to your preference. (You name will be used to personlize some apps)

⚫ Now that you are in the app. Search for “WhatsApp” using the Search Bar at the top right corner of the screen.

⚫You should see the Official WhatsApp App from the Google Play Store. Click on it and Install. The app will ask permission to access your information, Click on Accept.

⚫ After installing, the WhatsApp App should be in your My Apps Column. Open the WhatsApp App.

⚫ The WhatsApp App should open like it would on a Smartphone in Portrait Mode.

Register by Inputting Your Phone Number.

⚫ Select Verification method. Either by Call Or SMS.

⚫ Input the Code you get from WhatsApp in the Space provided.

⚫ That’s it. You are now on WhatsApp.

Note: You wont be able to get messages from your WhatsApp friends if the BlueStacks App isn’t running so always make sure the BlueStacks App is running in order get your WhatsApp message promptly.


The BlueStacks App is must have for anyone who uses a PC. I have BlueStacks installed on my PC and i don’t just use it to upload pictures to Instagram or use it for WhatsApp. I also use to play android game seamlessly on my PC. You should also Download WhatsApp on PC if you have one.

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